First time starting, I have no cards

Hey Devs (or anyone who can help)!

I just launched the game for the first time tonight, and I couldn’t seem to find any of my cards to even build a deck. I went to the help menu and it told me to click Collections to see my starting cards, but it seems I have none. I am not sure if this is just me not seeing something obvious or not, but I counted 19 cards under the Locked Cards section in my collection, and no selectable cards to build a deck. I am really excited to try out your new game and I loved playing other Gearbox games so I’d love to play this one, but I could really use some help. Thanks guys!

When you click play, the set of 5 on the right is your deck. you dont actually get to choose since there’s only one starter deck right now.

There’s also a current bug with the loadouts, where if you enter a match while on the Collections screen, your deck can be deleted. This does not remove the cards, it just removes the deck where they are arranged, and you have to recreate the deck to play a match again. Workaround is to not be on the collection screen while queued for a round.

The 19 locked cards is strange, though. There only is 19 total cards so far, and you should have 5 unlocked at start of play so you can join a round - Rocket, Shotgun, Phase Reverse, Meteor, and Air Jump cards should be available for you to drag to the slots on the right to create the deck. If this isn’t the case I recommend a support ticket creation, because that’s a game breaking bug right there.

Thank you for the help! I will definitely do that because I literally cannot do anything.

Alright, apparently the bug was temporary. I launched the game again today and I had my starting cards. I’m not sure why I didn’t get them when I originally started, but I have them now so I’ll be playing my first game soon. Thanks for the help guys!