First Time Verm Farm

LF verm team. i’ve never done it and i just want to scratch it off my bucket list y’know.
PSN: Ace-Swan, US-Pacific Daylight Zone (GMT-7)

What level(s) are you & with which character(s)? Reason I ask is, being too OP can be a detriment! I’ve spawned Vermi a number of times. Have had good luck at Caustic Caverns, less so at the Tundra Express farmhouse. At Caustic Caverns, lead the initial Varkids to the Crystalisks, retreat to trucks, lead back if they come around again. The battle over there, even without us shooting anything, makes them evolve!

I leveled my Maya & Salvador to OP10 so would probably bring one of them, drop OP levels if you aren’t that high.

I’m EST (3 hours later than you) but play mornings, daytime (not evenings)

got a lv80 assassin and lv71 gunzerker. i have op8 but weapons are only to lv80. we can go low op cuz its not so much as farm for me, just the thrill of the hunt.

Sounds good! I’d say bring Zero & I’ll set to OP0 (level 80). I’ll bring Salvador (to make quick work of Vermi if she spawns).

Was thinking I can bring a second character in (though I find playing split screen kinda disorienting ) – I have an OP10 alt account Zero I’ll just park. Unless people here want to join? Can also ask in the PSN community.

Is sometime today – 9am to noon your time (noon to 3 pm my time) possible? I’ll check back here to see.

So sorry for not responding, i’ve been gone on training for the past 6 days or so. if you’re still willing, i’m ready all this weekend.