First Timer With Questions of Borderlands

Hi guys! Im writing an essay on the game, ‘Borderlands’ and I wanted to come to the source which is you guys. I have watch about ten gameplay videos and I have learned a handful of things. I would like to know from you guys, what is a way that you can explain this game where everybody whose any would want to play it? Why is this game interesting to you?


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OP might want to start with something like this:


…have you played the game? I take it this is in regards to the first game (or the whole franchise)?

May I ask what your essay is intended to demonstrate?


Ive purchased the game but my point of the essay is to find out why this game is worth being played? Why are people fans of this game?

People play for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s the combat mechanics; for others, the discovery of loot. Some find the story hidden in the game interesting, others couldn’t care less for the story.

Honestly, though, just play through the complete story at least once - you won’t truly understand what people like unless you’ve tried it.


I think a big part of the ongoing appeal is the brilliant execution of combining first person shooter gameplay with random loot mechanics. It seems to make our brains happy.


Well said.

You can play this game for years and never see some of the rarest loot the game has to offer. That is why I still play. I have seen a ton of loot and some really rare and “special” drops for me personally. The “coveted” item you are striving for. You’ve seen it on vids. You’ve seen screen shots. you know it exists. But you haven’t came across it yet in your game. That is why I still play. I love the loot and all the mechanics within. Some things are hard to understand, which is why I came here. The community here is very helpful and can explain/breakdown certain mechanics and or game play strategies. Its all so very helpful. Learning is fun. :blush: The most confusing and possibly what “hooks” me on this game is the parts and accessories for the loot you’re after. making it very diverse and somewhat tailored to the players tastes. Some Characters have skills that can mitigate certain weapon and or gear’s shortcomings.

It used to be “a can of worms” for me. so much to learn. so many variables and damage modifiers, resistances to adhere to. so much. so so much. Love it!

edit: I’m a little scattered today, mentally. My point isn’t very concise. Sorry. :crazy_face:

edit2: I keep coming up with ideas to post for this topic. I might be able to write the essay for you. lmao

Story/Humor: dark and somewhat twisted at times. But all the while keeping it blue collar for lack of a better term. nothing too highbrow. raunchy at times(which I love) and a bit “on the edge” is how i like to put it. the graphics are unique and I like it. Almost comic’ish in the animation/graphics. But dark, vast and open to wondering and exploration. Easter eggs a plenty. This game has it all for me. which is why i only play Borderlands(all of them).

Hit me up in a PM if you like. I’ll keep going for you… :grin:

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It’s like gambling addiction without all the pawning your house and stuff. RnG is a drug. And eyeballs.

are you talking about Borderlands 1 or Borderlands 2? Or are you talking about the whole franchise?