First toon into UVHM (I am so screwed it seems)

I am trying to do Aeurellia in UVHM.

Every single guide I read has “Find X gun and Y shield and Z” and I cant get anything remotely close to what everyone says. The best I have looted is blues TBH. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere outside of UVHM to level up or grind for gear past 50, and the I am slowly hemorrhaging cash (whatever the in game currency is) AND NO I don’t have any other characters to loot items with or whatever.

Also most of her defensive skills have no effect whatsoever solo. I can one shot even the badasses after I get a good streak of “I never Miss” but it is still difficult and I do occasionally die. I generally have a hard enjoyable but not impossible time , until I get to bosses, then I die…over and over and break household objects and make a lot of noise ect ect.

On deadlift I actually got so low on money that I couldn’t buy grenades and to get deadlift I took my game public and me and someone else who was having equal amount of lack of progress (he was playing Wilhelm died about 30 times each bringing him down.

I am really close to giving up on this stupid game.
The bosses are just absolutely insane and have ruined this game I had so much fun with (Until yesterday)

I watch the videos people post and they show their orange gear… Do I have to be 70 and have orange gear to do this? I cant find any information for just coming in on your first play through of UVHM with average gear. Everything that has worked up until now on bosses is failing miserably and to be honest I am close to uninstalling.

Do I just suck too bad? Because getting knocked into FFYL 2 seconds into a fight is about all that happens.

Have you used Shift keys to get purple gear that is at the same level as you are?

Bad advice but: did you try to take on another class? Aurelia is a total class Cannon, so Maybe another class, some tanky badass like Athena, Jack or maybe even Nisha (still not that durable but much less of a class cannon thanks to Law&Order) would fit you better.

So yes it seems as if I suck too bad to continue with Aurelia :frowning:
I got 1 person telling me to waste keys at way less then level cap and another telling me to roll another toon.

BUT AT LEAST no one told me to get X gun… that would have really grinded my gears.

Can you post your build using this

and just let us know what gear you are using? I’m not going to suggest a bunch of perfect legendaries but maybe we can help you find some helpful non red text gear.

Also what level are you and what level is your gear?

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Check the Aurelia sub forums, there may be some helpful topics in there.

One of the problems I ran into was my equipment (all of it, not just one or two items) were underlevelled. Once I’d found that out, I set about farming whatever I could (chests, enemies, vendors etc.) that I had available to me.

Trust me, once it all clicks into place and you find that your build/weapons/items work perfectly in tandem with each other, you’ll have a much funner time.

But I know the frustration of Deadlift as I’ve just got my Claptrap to him in UVHM. I’ve just finished off a UVHM reset with my lvl65 Nisha, and the Sentinel was a serious slog. I hate to think what Eclipse/EOS are going to be like.

Well I figured out Redbelly… (Sort of)
The key is positioning. if you stand between the health vender and the air bubble shield leading up to his room it puts you in perfect position to kill them.

The key is to shoot off a cold as ice from that position to weaken them.
Then do it a few more times until they separate, Then after they separate…stay there and keep using cold as ice, then when the first one goes down, stay there, and…keep using cold as ice. Then when the second one is almost dead, keep using cold as ice.

Collect loot, feel like the cheater you are, and move on :smiley:

A good adaptive shield and some points in Whiteout for the damage reduction while Cold as Ice is active go a long way with her. Personally, I have four or five points in it, I think it’s around 50% damage reduction, plus my Hyper Adaptive is like 58% elemental resistance. Doesn’t have to be Hyper, any adaptive will help.

For Lady Hammerlock I put most of my skill points into her middle tree and some on the left tree. I’m at 67. Around the end of TVHM I took a bunch of purple class mods and used the grinder to get a legendary class mod for her.

When I throw out her skill it tends to kill regular enemies very easily. Badasses and bosses are where I needed help sometimes. In some cases I actually split screen in my helper character. A level 63 Jack that can help me with so much of the game. Lady Hammerlock indeed has some of the toughest time surviving compared to the other classes in this game. It’s true. Though I do get some nice health regen from certain skills, it’s not as powerful as Jack’s, Nisha, or any of the other player classes. The bosses were very tough for me.

I did inherit some nice gear from my level 70 Jack.

And I think the shift keys are best used on the way to level 70. As you level up is when you can get into trouble if you can’t find good stuff as you level. Once you hit max level you just need a few pieces of good gear in order to go get as much free purple as you want from end game bosses. Then you use the best stuff and make it even easier next time. And grind extras.

YA!..More useless advice…

It will be easier once you are 70, (Doesn’t help GETTING TO 70)
I split screened with another toon (I’m on PC)
I inherited gear from another toon I had (first toon in UVHM)
As you level up is when you can get into trouble if you can’t find good stuff as you level. (YEAH that’s what happened :sob:)

there’s my build. It works. Using a Chroicler of Elpis class mod.(Playthrough 2 version :weary: ) The next things I plan to invest in are Quality not quanitity and cold advance.

Sooo more typing and more information that doesn’t help my problems in the least.

If I saw an orange gun in a vending machine I couldn’t even buy it I’m so broke from dying on bosses.

A little tip, if you want people to help you and people here are willing and trying, saying things like the above statements don’t help.

So what gear do you have other than your COE com?
Can you kill Iwajira?
Where are you in the story?

With a little more I hope I can help you but right now its hard to tell whats holding you back.

I am curious on your gear because I might be able to suggest better and easy to find stuff.

If you can kill Iwajira you can get a lot of decent stuff but also a lot of cash by picking up and selling guns

Where you are in the story might help us know whats coming up or if there are good areas for you to farm for cash and gear.

Your build looks solid for the most part, I might swap whiteout for short summer. I would also toss a single point into Bitter Riposte and 1 in Winter’s Veil. Those 2 points will really help you survive.

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I was just about to say pretty much the same thing as Derch.
Short summer is just better than white out, that’s one of your main problems from what I can tell.

If you’re having problems with gear I hightly recomend you use a few keys, it’s not a waste becuse if you keep up with the codes you’ll soon have more keys than you know what to do with, that and I think you’ll find you don’t use that many keys at max level anyway.

Also you should invest in all 3 of her sniper game changers if you are sniping.

Magic Bullet is an amazing survival skill and you are having survival issues from what you have said.

Silver Lining will really help your DPS as well, but thats not as important as Magic Bullet.

With a Vladof sniper you can be pretty much ukillable at close range.

I can not kill… any boss, so there goes farming for items.
I’m currently out of cash (Like I cant even refill my grenades broke) and stuck on Bosun. I can not farm vending machines for the stupid low chance of having a nice gun for sale, because I can not afford to buy it. All side missions up to this point are done.
And my blue guns all suck, I’m currently using a really lousy adaptive shield, my Oz kit is the Arctic support relay level 52 version.

As far as whiteout Vs short summer… All I have to say is this.

If the fight only lasts 5 seconds before I die whiteout is fare superior because I might get another 2 1/2 seconds.

I also can’t respect right now. (not enough cash)
Silver lining will not help my DPS on boss fights, which is where I’m struggling to the point of saying I just cant do it.

With that I am giving up. Don’t bother responding, I just suck too badly at this stupid game. There’s no point anymore. I’m dying every 2-3 minutes at this point, on the trash mobs in Pity’s fall.

So to sum it up,
1 I give up, sorry for wasting your time
2 I suck too bad anyway
3 my guns all suck beyond the point of being viable
4 I have nothing of value to trade and I’m out of currency (Yes completely out to the point I cant buy grenades or respec)
5 I can not split screen
6 I can not give myself gear from another toon
7 I CAN NOT KILL Iwajira I’ve tried, I cant do it. I’m not close, it’s not even funny, I just suck too bad to do it.
8 despite being at Bosun I COULD NOT and CAN NOT kill Redbelly or Deadlift.
9 I’m out of keys
10 I failed on UVHM on the holodome… complete failure.

So what can I do?
Give up

I just really hit my last nerve with this stupid game. I made it through the first 2 playthroughs and now I am out of patience and I really have no hope of continuing, let alone enjoying the game anymore.

So I’m done. I’m sorry I’m being such a tool,

Thank you for attempting to help.
I really do appreciate it, sorry for taking it out on you.

I’m sorry you feel that way

Do you want me to join your game and give you some money, loot or what have you. I am on PC.

How about the darksiders? Can you travel to them and farm them? They drop alot of moonstones and enough cash and gear to get you back on your feet.

Then once you have money go start farming vendors in Concordia or grind loot.

So here are some things to look for (I still don’t know what level you are or what most of your gear is)

  • Tediore low delay shield. She loves these because of like skills like BP and WV. Adaptive shields are bad for you since you have life steal as your only way to heal, making your health more makes it take longer to get past healthgate and boson can healthgate you.

  • Juggernaut OZ kits are your friend, you have stated you have survival issues, get damage resistance.

  • Transfusion Grenades in cryo but other elements will do. If you can find some cryo transfusion grenades and have a kill active (bosons turrets) your grenades can heal you on impact and with the transfusion trails. These are great to have.

  • Shock Snipers, shields got a big boost in UVHM so a shock vladof or maliwan sniper will go a long way in droping shields fast. Vladof ones with I Never Miss can take down bosses fast. If you find a fire droog you should be able to drop Iwajira quick.

  • Cryo Sniper, again same thing as above but this time in cryo to get all your buffs from both trees for after you drop the shields.

  • Cryo splitters, since you have so many cryo skills a tediore or any cryo splitter will fill in your shotgun needs.

Don’t give up, just back up and find something to farm to get you back on your feet. Like I said I like to farm the darksiders, there are also a few chests around them. Pick up everything and sell it, rinse and repeat. Then go farm concordia vendors for cash.

If the darksiders are giving you trouble just farm concordia, run around and open everything you see and sell it all. You will be shocked at how quick you can get some cash. Gear up and get ready. Also like others have said enter in your codes and use your golden keys. IMO the best time to use your keys is when you are stuck. They are not great at endgame, so now is the best time.

Now I have no clue about which shields to get, as opinions are a complete 180 with what people are telling me…

I’m currently using a lousy maliwan shock sniper (Frost damage is so reduced against shields that frost snipers seem to be fairly worthless anymore)

A beyond horrible frost SMG
a frost laser
and a shock laser

All are horrible weapons

Thank you so much for the "how to farm cash when you suck beyond imagination " info

There are a couple of different ways you can work shields on her:

  • you can get a sheild with as a really low recharge delay, so that when the delay is recuced by Short Summer, you can get significant recharges in combat
  • you can run a really large sheild with a long recharge delay so that you get a lot of value out of Short Summer, but you still have to back off a bit to get your sheild to recharge
  • you can go somewhere in between and get a bit of both

Personaly, I’m more a fan of the first option on her, because it mean’s you don’t need to worry about your shield much.

A few other things: unless your gear is really underleveled, I’m not seeing anything majorly wrong with your guns; there really is no such thing as a bad maliwan sniper, some are better than others, but they’re all really good, same with the other stuff, although it does depend a bit on the maufacturers. Basicaly, for the most part, weapons parts have less of an impact than some people would have you belive, as long as you have the right manufacturer and element, and the weapon is close to being on level, you should be alright.

The beginning of UVHM is one of the hardest parts of this game, espically if you haven’t done it before. So take a deep breath, and remember that if all of us have managed it, you can to. If you still find yourself getting frustrated, step away for a day or two, it helps a lot.

Finaly, remember, games are supposed to be fun, don’t let it get to you!

If possible, go back to TVHM and get a vibrapulse or hail. If you can’t do either of those, get a probe and spam vladof cryo grenades, then all you’ll need is an explosive weapon.

If you find yourself dying this much, maybe its your approach to gameplay, instead of your gear and build. Try staying really far back. Run in to spawn enemies, then run away and pick them off one at a time from safety. If you’re facing a boss use whatever cheap weapon combo you can get.

If you need money, farm the “Guardian Hunter” mission on TVHM. They should be easy to kill and they drop a lot. Also, you could try a lvl 50 shield of ages, it will have higher capacity than any turtle shield you’ll get for awhile, and it will make leeching easier. You may even want to spec into the "Podsnappery"skill in the contract tree if you find yourself on low health often. Transfusion grenades can assist with regening health, or singularities can constantly stagger enemies.

Don’t get too caught up in doing the job the “right way”, whatever that may be. Use whatever tactic you can to make money and progress. If that means spamming grenades every mob and constantly running away, so be it. What matters is killing the enemies and looting their gear.

BTW: What specifically are your “terrible” weapons? Are those lasers beams or railguns? Are they hyperion or Dahl? What about the SMG?

If you’re at the bosun, then you could do the Shock Dome arena if you have it. The Haymaker is a nice adaptive shield that may due you some good until you can find another shield.Or you could do springs mission to get the Oz kit that regens health when you pick up Oz cannisters. You could farm RedBelly for the striker, which may help a bit. Even green maliwans or Droog sniper rifles will do fine.

And whatever you do, don’t get frustrated. That probably isn’t something that will help you right now, but Borderlands is a game that kicks your butt when you’re mad it at, especially at the stage of the game you’re at. If you’re getting angry, take a break, and just come back to the game when you feel like messing around. Take it slow, go around and kill whatever your gear and skill allows you to, even if its baby kragons, so you can build some confidence with Aurelia. From there, just try to ease yourself into the rest of the game.