First tree for aurelia?

Just curious to know which tree is better to start a fresh build in. Sniper or cold. I assume cold to have better CC. Thoughts?

I believe that I put the first several points into the sniper tree (1st tree), then start adding in the cold tree (middle tree) and in the end all my points are in those 2 trees

I started with Sniper simply because you won’t find cryo weapons early on. At least I didn’t…

same, and you start with Sniper Rifle, sooo just makes sense to go with Sniper first

Plus, the gun damage bonuses are a lot more useful in normal mode than the cryo boosts!

Yea but you don’t need cryogenic weapons right out of the gate. Your action skill and bitter rip are giving me stacks of avalanche as it is. But obviously ti be optimal, we need cryo weapons.

Any suggestions on some good skills on the huntress tree? Lots look good, but some reek of bring gimicky

Depends on your gear really. But as for good all around skills, I like Markswoman, Culling the Herd, and Long Range Killer.

So I’ve been going down the huntress tree and really enjoying it. silver linings priceless ( get free bullets) , long range skill definitely shows and is worth the point and I just got the I can’t miss skill.

I’m mixed on it this far. It’s really exciting when I have 60 stacks and really trying to not miss, but let down when I do. Bright side is that I can get 30 stacks in the matter of minutes.

I tried going cryogenic tree with the 16 or so points I had…Eh. I like the simplicity of the huntress tree. Not as much stacking needed and I can 1-2 hit almost every enemy. Mainly bc of bitter riposite and ice cold have everyone frozen. Snipe em all and clean up the rest with explosive Shotty.

how did you guys do it? You find cryo better?

I went down Cryo first… it’s a bit OP. Bitter Riposte and a fast Tediore shield can kill every trash mob on first playthrough.

I find Sniping is going better for me than Cryo did, but put your first point into Bitter Riposte.

Ok, it’s not even close to a competition. Bosun died in two shots, Felicity lasted all of three hits, Zarp was a badass and survived a whole 5 shots, and RK5 was a joke. Sniping is much better than Cryo for your first skill tree.

No matter what you choose (and especially if you choose huntress) the extra points in duchess and one in butter riposte seem small but 80 percent more accuracy after a few minutes and a free freeze is op. Especially if you choose a shield with low capacity.

If you like sniping I would use the left tree for sure, I don’t like sniping as much so I made a build where I speced into every skill of the the center tree and then threw my left over points into the left tree until I reached high caliber, using and absolute zero (whose clip becomes 5) I can melt any enemy save for badasses in just one quick burst (sometimes not even the whole magazine)