First try at UVHM

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Me and my partner play co-op sal and axton, we just finished tvhm and are lvl 50 already haven’t done any farming yet should we job straight into uvhm without farming and mediocre generic gear and some golden key loot?

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Yes, I would say so. Gear in UVHM is very much a case of it becomes useless after 3-5 levels anyway, so it’s not worth farming massively. Might be sensible to upgrade some things, like a couple of weapons and a new shield, but otherwise i’d say head straight in and use what you find!!

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OK yes we haven’t long used the golden chest anyway maybe I will throw a few more codes in and roll from there I didn’t want to overlevel anyway and uvhm frightens me a little :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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First of all… Welcome!

UVHM is usually a brutal wake up call the first time you try it. Enemies will level up with you, and you only get up to level 50 gear in TVHM. That said, there are some sweet items that can be farmed early on. Unkempt Harold and Hornet. These can carry you a long way in UVHM.

The longer you wait to start UVHM, the more difficult it will be. If you start it at level 54 with mediocre gear, you will hurt a lot. But the golden keys will possibly help you out. IIRC, the golden chest will give you gear that’s on par with your level even in TVHM.

If you need advice, you and your pal are always welcome to ask here. Have fun!

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Firstly, welcome home. :hugs: You’ve got questions, and the smartasses around here are chock full of answers. :smirk: Re: gear for UVHM. If you have gear at or close to level 50 you’re in a pretty good place. There’s no need to be frightened of UVHM, you don’t want to be me starting at 54 with underleveled gear and an understanding that was, shall we say, lacking. Better to start with near level gear and ask questions as they come up. Do you have the headhunter packs? The Mercenary Day map, Marcus’s Mercenary Shop I believe, is a good place to update gear and it’s usually how I start UVHM. The boss is farmable and the chests afterward have a lot of stuff in them with a chance at legendary and first gen pearl gear. Other than that vendors, chests, and drops will usually take decent care of of you while leveling. And if you need help don’t hesitate to ask. We’ve all been there, and this community got many of us where we are today. Cheers mate. :grin:

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Thanks a lot, I’m farely well rehearsed in borderlands 2 anyway as I played a lot on previous gen when it released and have been watching a lot of YouTube, just seen a lot of mixed messages when it comes to pre uvhm farming so thanks for the confirmation

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Thanks a lot dude yeah I have the handsome collection so that means I have all DLC right? And yeah that’s a great idea about the headhunter pack I’m guessing you activate uvhm playthrough then fast travel to the snowman headhunter ASAP, I can’t wait to do all the DLC

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As much as I understand it, i’d advise against it before you’ve tried it first. I know it’s too late as you have already, but honestly the videos and other information online makes it out to be impossibly difficult. It certainly is difficult until you’re used to it, but if you remember about the crucial mechanic, slagging enemies before unloading on them, it’ll be fine. As already said, there are plenty here who know most things about the game, i’m not as much of an expert as some here, and if you have any issues, or want someone to join you on your quest, just ask. Depending on your platform, I could help you, or if you’re on PC there are plenty of great players on here who can assist.

Have fun!

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Haha thanks dude and yeah I have scoured YouTube as I just enjoy some of the streams too and thanks for the offer dude but I’m a console peasant on ps4, feel like the addition of uvhm kind of makes the game very linear for 2 playthrough so I’m looking forward to a looser play though

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Welcome to the forums! As the others have suggested, you might as well jump in and start UVHM. Some of the blue unique mission rewards can help you through the early stages if you haven’t taken them already (Fibber, Lady Fist, Rubi, Heartbreaker) but you don’t want to level up too far ahead of your weapons.

You should probably give this a scan before you start:

Note that you’ll find more character-specific stuff linked from there.

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Thanks man yeah I have left those quests but will probably just drop into uvhm and take my time with it slow my playstyle down

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I scoff at your peasantness, I still play on PS3. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You will, however, find a pretty thriving PS4 community in the Handsome Collection section. Some of the guys here that I view as out and out rock stars are on that platform. You’re in good hands my dude. And bookmark that link @VaultHunter101 provided. 12 toons in and counting and I still peruse that thread regularly.

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Less of the peasant, i’m on PS4 (and Xbox) and i’m not a peasant :stuck_out_tongue: but that means the amazing PS4 community on here can help out. I only got my PS4 back in September of 2017, and I met a great group of people on here that are on that platform. You might like to take a look at the community we have.

Finally, feel free to throw me any questions you might have at my PSN which is the same as my name here :slight_smile:

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Level 50 gear is fine getting from the start point to Sanctuary, you shouldn’t need to farm more (though I like farming (weird ) so I do) gear in general.
But it is critical that you find something to consistently and accurately slag. Can be a gun or a grenade, just get something.
Some ideas;

  • Farm a Slagga in Clan Wars
  • My choice - Get a Magic Missile from Tiny Tinas. Doesn’t matter what the level is, since you’ll just use it for slag. If you want to get one quickly, heck, drop back into Normal mode and run Tiny Tina’s really fast and get one.
  • A slag Lyuda/Lydmilla Usually a great choice for slagging if you don’t want to use a grenade.

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What about axtons turrets?

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Thanks a lot man buzzing to give it a go now aha the kids will soon be in bed :joy::joy:

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Thanks a lot man just read through them and I’m dreading rabid and nitro stalkers :joy::joy:

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If you’re specced for Double Up they are a source of slag. They tend to focus on one enemy at a time in my experience, but it certainly helps. I do like to have options for cool down times though. I use slag nades, the aforementioned Magic Missiles or bouncing Betty do pretty well, and all of the other options @RavenOfArisia listed are good too. With Expertise specced Axton’s swap speed is good, so considering a slag and swap style for down time might not be too taxing.

Also, you can reply to multiple people at once by writing their tags in the reply. Here’s a FAQ with some foruming tips and pointers that I wish I had read when I started posting.

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Thanks dude will give it a read now my wife to be is playing axton and I’m playing gunzerker so think I’m gonna redo her skill tree with her