First Update coming to Homeworld Remastered Collection

The first update for Homeworld Remastered Collection is scheduled to roll out the evening of Thursday, March 5. This update focuses primarily on bugs and crash fixes.

Details on this update can be found at the link below:

Homeworld Remastered Collection Update Information

Further updates and hot fixes are in the works as well, and we’ll be sharing more details on those as soon as they’re finalized. These updates will aim to address additional bugs as well as balance and quality-of-life changes.

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Really appreciate your work.

Woot! Good job.

I always expect every patch to reduce a game to useless code (Happens more often than you’d think) so we’ll see soon as the patch hits :stuck_out_tongue:

“Fixed weapon audio in Remastered versions to be faithful to classic versions.”


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Fixed weapon audio in Remastered versions to be faithful to classic versions.

That sounds promising and hopefully shuts up the naggers who where complaining about the new gun sounds :smiley:

But in general, REALLY APPRECIATED !

What about formations? It doesn’t say anything about formations.

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Well done. And quick. Much appreciated!


As they said, they are aiming to provide quality of life and stability fixes first, to make the game easier to keep running and get more play time in without crashing. We should expect to see larger updates like that later on. (Remember that the game came out last week :slight_smile: )


And so, once again, the Church of Gearbox has provided for the needy!

WOW update ready 441.3mb

That’s kinda… large.

More than twice the size of the original HW1. Lol.


could you please avoid generalizing updates patch notes with descriptions like “Various X fixes” and be more specific on the changes you have done?

As well as for balance changes, would be good to give old and new values so the community has an idea of how the balance is working, and provide a more accurate feeback



Now I realize that this could be a very large list and I can see how this could just cause issues where players would cry and moan about the values themselves etc. and of course this would add time required to get the patch notes properly edited and ready for the public and in fact actually delay patchnotes AFTER the patch actually drops or even worse, delay the patch…

Perhaps have a link to a separate patch page where the specific values can be added to after the patch drops (a few hours or a day, whatever is needed) as it really is super duper nice to have these values and I bet for modders especially this could be super useful to have and of course for serious multiplayer people or tournaments etc.

It might seem like unnecessary busy work, what with having so many more bugs to fix but I have seen something like this make or break general player confidence in the company when a big patch lands.


Absolutely wonderful to hear that the sounds have been fixed. Thank you.

was the multiplayer “stuck on downloading content/waiting for other players” fixed?

“Fixed weapon audio in Remastered versions to be faithful to classic versions.”





on my client the MP filter was set to local region by default after the 1.21 patch. didn’t show any games and had to go in and set it to worldwide.

That’s not feasible - not even remotely. Sometimes a re-balance or bugfix will involve edits to dozens/hundreds of files. ‘Various’ is the only workable way to describe general tweaks - if a specific issue is resolved that is somehow notable, I am sure we’ll call that out.


Thank you for explaining this!

Glad to see the game getting post launch support! :slight_smile:

I love you Gearbox.