First view of the game

The game is exciting. I love dynamic and the maps. You have enought health, without been unkillable. The health station are placed well.
The only thing i dishlike really is the card system. It doesn’t add anything to the game. I know you put them for microtransaction for the future. i would much prefer to have cosmetic micros, like LoL. The community is getting annoyed by this system. It can bring PayToWin comments. You have the “Your not good, you are lucky” comments already in the forum. All the common/Epic/Legendary system is great for games like Borderlands or Diablo, but pls don’t bring it to our weapons and equipment for a multiplayer.
I, personally, would much prefer in game currency, and be able to buy/upgrades the weapon of my choosing, and all weapon cost the same, and are equals. This is not hard to develop especially in alpha, Your player base will be happier, and i won’t have to boycoit your game for ■■■■■■ crates.
This system is a shame, because the gameplay is good. It’s not a bad game, just a bad progression system that does ruin the game in my opinion.

I like the idea of the cards, personally. For me it just feels as though each card should have a clear weakness to play around. Vampiric has the time after activation where they can’t get killed but it doesn’t seem that the cost is equal to the reward. I agree it looks as though it can start to get P2W but personally as long as the balance is there I don’t think it should be a problem. Just my two cents, tho.

Seriously my turn off with this game. I dont want to get invested into another game that is awesome at first but with constant new “expansions” and whatever they come up with for microtransactions it becomes pay to win and completely unenjoyable. I’m down for paying for a game I like, but I don’t want to keep having my pocket drained to enjoy it or even have a chance to win against those that did pay for more cards or what not.