First visit to Wam Bam Island

After completing my first OP8 play thru of BL2 I decided to celebrate by visiting the newly purchased Wam Bam Island. I’d not had the pleasure of meeting the original Crawmerex in BL1 and from everything I’d heard about this semi-sequel I had high expectations of the encounter. Needless to say, after the first encounter, I was a bit underwhelmed. Then I went back for a second visit…

BRAVO!!! :heart_eyes: :laughing: :sunglasses: :thumbsup:
Now THIS was a boss fight!!! It took a few tries but I finally figured out a startegy to take him down. Tough, fast, frenetic, and a total blast- Son of Cramerex didn’t feel cheap or exploitative as a boss. Congrats to everyone at Gearbox that put this dlc together- it was excellent- one of the most enjoyable video game confrontations I’ve had in quite a while! And also, thanks to @Chuck80 for his Deputy Sal build- it’s brought a lot of the fun back to a character that can get stale after a while- now, however, they fun is back! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I need to check my reservations- I feel a need for another vacation coming on… :smile:

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Heresy. You’re not a true BL fan until you’ve been trolled to the point of rage-quit by Green Worms and Maggots :P.


I played BL1 a few months ago with Lilith and started the General Knoxx dlc but kind of abandoned it- I’ll have to pick it up sometime this summer…

No no no no. She’s easy mode. Play as Brick, Roland, or Mordecai. Then you’ll know the true adrenaline of the Crawmerax fight.

Well I did start a Mordecai play thru but I haven’t gotten him out of Fyrestone yet- guess I’ll have to eventually find out… :sunglasses:

There’s nothing that the elemental rainbow cannot do.

He’s well worth the time spend on BL1.

Started playing BL as Mordy.
Craw was quite a figth xD

What’s the actual difference between the story mission and the return fight?

Craw becomes a Raid Boss on the return fight.

Fighting Craw jr and a Vermivorous at the same time is CRAZY!

I do agree that in general the headhunter packs don’t get enough credit. Though the Son of Cramerax is a well constructed fight, sometimes just wish there was a little bit more ammo in the arena other than just popping enemies.

I really like the boss fights in the headhunters in general…even Wattlegobbler is OK now as I have recovered from the trolling of GM Flexington. My favourite is Tinderflake. The music, the animations, the voice work are all really excellent. Also, he gives you that great loot train…its become the place where I always gear up. Its by far the best place for loot in the BL2 universe.

Also, great are the two goliath in the moxxi head hunter…though it is kind of a pain to get all the fish. Jaque O lantern is a very fun fight as well.

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I’ve tried to do this so many times, but they always stop at ultimates…

OK, but how is the fight actually different from the main story - does he just have more health, does he use different tactics…?

I’d test it out myself, but my BL2 disk broke last night :frowning: (Quite literally - the layers have delaminated and splintered in the centre to the point that the disk no longer spins in the drive properly.)

He becomes a three stage fight. He’s invincible between stages. It’s been a while so I don’t remember if anything else is different.

Leveling up the Goliaths is always funny. That loot explosion too!
The HH packs are a really nice addition to BL2.

He’s tougher, uses different tactics (hides and heals instead of coming straight at you like in story mode. Also, he spews acid at you) and there are a LOT more other (potential) second wind targets around- like varkids that can level up to become Vermiverous…