First world problem

I got 2 Eridium fabricator now!
What to do with them?! :open_mouth:
On the forum someone said you can hang one in your room in sanctuary!
Is that possible? How does one do that?! :o


By going to your room and interacting with one of the spaces there, and hanging it.

When I do that it only offers the list of decorations…
I cant hang any gear… :open_mouth:
I am on PC if it changes anything

Never mind!
Jusrt find another space that takes “heavy”
Including the fabricator, yoopee yoo! :smiley:

Speaking of which… my 2 fabrikator dont have the same value?! :open_mouth:
Strange… maybe the TVHM + Mayhem + level 50 one is “better”?! :open_mouth:
Gotta hang that one hahah


there a black squars in ur room with weapons on them. one for every type of equip-able gear


So what I did was kept the one I got from TVHM because its card had a much higher item value and sold the other one to the Marcus vending machine.

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cool, gotta have another look! :slight_smile:

thanks guys ^^

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Sal wants to know your location

can u clarify this?

What need clarification?

I got 2 Eridium fabricator because I did 2 playthrough, normal and TVHM.
In the VH room in Sanctuary you can hang things on some spot on the wall. I only found the place for decorations… but it turns out there are other spot too!

You can sell em? Mine is always greyed out and unclickable when I am Marcus


what i do is tag them as trash and auto sell.

you cant sell favorite item, that might be your problem?
I haven’t (tried) to sell them yet… they dont use inventory space anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t tag em as favourite. Just couldn’t click on them at Marcus or vending machines. Their colours would appear washed out, and then you can’t click on them. Maybe its a bug

Yo, dawg, I heard you like Guns, so I put a Gun in your Gun and now you’ve got a Gun-Gun.


I did some testing between the one I got on normal and the one I got on TVHM and they seem to be identical. The TVHM version has a higher score, not sure why, but the rate at which it spits out blue/purple weapons is basically the same. Maybe a tad higher.

I just sold the one I got on normal and put the TVHM one on my wall. Though I’m currently thinking about just selling that one. You get so much purple/legendary gear in TVHM/M3 the Gun Gun isn’t worth the eridium you put into it.

Where is this from?
I heard that before hahah! :smiley:

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You mean ‘not so much legendary’ or ‘so much’? Anyways what to do with all that eridium?

XZibit’s “Pimp My Ride” show.

Google “yo dawg I heard you like meme”.


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So much.

I can farm for an hour and end up with like 10 Legendaries. I end up mailing most of them to friends because I can’t keep them all.

Oh… how do you mail something to a friend?
looking for the option right now since I got 2 of my favourite pistol, thanks to Lilith cache…