Fish slap damage

Someone please help me answer this. Does grenade damage affect the fish slap at all? Just got a god roll peregrine or whatever its called fl4k class mod with grenade damage and action skill damage on it. Just curious if grenade damage helps at all since the fish slap does melee damage

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You know you can easily test it? Just use it with and without the COM in Sanctuary shooting range and you will know.

Not even gonna lie I always forget about the shooting range in sanctuary lmao

But to answer the actual question: It does not. Splash, elemental dmg (if it’s matching with the grenade’s element) and melee as well as v1 and (global v2) do boost it.


oh no why would someone go through trouble of testing anything themselves

Interestingly it does seem to pick up +grenade radius on COM even though it doesn’t get +grenade damage boosts

You don’t need to be a smart ass buddy

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first of all i was not talking to you
second of all i was referring to some dumbass members who think comments like he made are patronizing and instead only correct reply is posting full explanation which damages apply to what and how they stack.

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I made my account like 12 hrs ago on here so I didn’t even notice it was directed towards the dude that said to test it myself. Yeah that bothered me too. So I take back what i said my b bro.

Hey there! It technically does not benefit from Grenade damage if you are FL4K. You’d only want Grenade damage if you are Amara and are using the the Muse Com. This is because the muse benefits from Grenade bonus, which is very weird. Otherwise, your best bet with FL4K would be melee, splash, elemental, and v1 bonuses. Hope this helps!