Fish Slap grenade: WTF is it rubberized? :(

I’m trying to use this grenade but the stupid thing just bounces all over the place. HTF are you supposed to use a grenade that literally bounces off an enemy and goes somewhere else to blow up??

On second thought…WTF is any grenade rubberized? Is there some secret technique to make this idiotic type of grenade work?


I’ve always hated rubberized grenades.


I never actually used one in this whole time playing BL games because I imagined that it would be stupid to have a grenade that bounced around. Because Fish Slap has an interesting mechanic I wanted to try (melee dmg) I’m giving it a try and…low and behold…it’s stupid to have a grenade that bounces around.

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fun fact, the grenade does melee damage :wink:

As I mentioned in the previous post…that’s the only reason I’m trying to use this stupid grenade is for the interesting melee damage mechanic. However, it’s so unreliable it just bounces all over the place. I think it has done more damage to me than anything. Does this grenade come in any other variant or are they all “rubberized”? :frowning:


nope, that’s the legendary power for the grenade :wink:

should be great to lob into mobs of enemies… if not every single enemy in the game charges you like a bull when they even hear you breathing…

To be fair fishes can flop so it makes bit of sense to be rubberized. Also it might be good to pair it with melee artifacts like Cutpurse or something

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It would make more sense for it to have the “sticky” variant IMO.

Yeah, I’m using it on Moze with a Knife Drain Deathless artifact as a healing mechanism for my shields with Bloodletter but…it’s really difficult to use with it bouncing all over the place…half the time back in my face.

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Yeah rubberized grenades… bleahhh. The only time they’re fun to use is when you can get on a platform or something above all the mobs and then rain 'em down. This one time I cleared out the Holy Spirits in BL2 doing that… got into position up on the second floor and tossed down a bunch of Rolling Thunders (one of the more notorious self-kill nades.)

Only reason to use fish slap is with the relic that gives you back ammo on melee hits since the grenade is melee damage based. Can use whatever gun you want and throw the grenade to get some ammo back. Other than that it’s quite honestly worthless.

Yet somehow, when those badass tinks hurl their crazy volley of bouncing dynamite, it practically homes in on me with every bounce.

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only if it were a partially decomposed fish lol

Do they only come rubberized or ? if that’s the case yeah that’s bad rubberized is the worst grenade mode

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Don’t throw it directly into enemy. Just throw it before the enemy so it will do splash damage to it then bounce from that said enemy and maybe hit another enemy.

That “rubberized” just needs a little thinking when throwing not like all those “homing” grenades.

My 2 cents.

Just use Pool Party mod with Transformer to heal shields. DoT then Sprint with RO as well. It works on my Bloodletter Moze

And it will arbitrarily bounce left, right, or even directly backwards.


Yeah I have tried different things including throwing it in front of enemies so it bounces into them an that works a bit better but like you said it’s so arbitrary where it goes that it’s basically impossible to use effectively. Just a terrible mechanic.

They should remove it completely or change it so that it just bounces straight up from wherever it lands or something. That could at least be used in a consistent manner.

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I’m coming to realize that this grenade is a perfect symbol for BL3. At first glance it looks fun and has some interesting mechanics that you you want to try. However, upon closer inspection the underlying mechanics are bad/broken and it starts to stink like a rotting fish that GB is slapping you in the face with.

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Best used with Zane’s SNTNL and a Cutpurse artifact. You’ll never run out of SMG ammo again.

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I think I need to use a different grenade but maybe I can find another way to activate my Knife Drain Deathless…I know the Face-puncher does melee damage so maybe I could use that in lieu of this nade to activate the knife drain and heal my shield. Are there any other weapons or nades that deal melee damage like the Face-puncher/Fish Slap? I looked on the list of legendary weapons and didn’t see one but maybe I’m missing something.