Fishguts Outpost fun

I’ve only done this with Maya (since that’s pretty much all I play) so don’t know if it works with other characters.

When you are fighting up the slope to Fishguts, be sure to phase lock one of the bullymongs.
This (usually) aggros the bandits inside Fishguts, and I like to stand by the fence and toss grenades over (usually Storm Fronts), and you can usually eliminate 70% of the enemies beyond the wall.
Then when you hit the catch-a-ride and the network adaptor quest activates you have a much easier time, the original bandits do not re-spawn so you’ll only have 3-5 bandits left to eliminate.
Just kinda fun.

You basically need some sort of huge AoE to aggro them, like Converge or Helios. I’m guessing that a nova shield or a singularity will have the same effect, and it’s also quite possible that Axton’s turret can do it if he’s speced in Nuke.

I set them off every now and then, but I prefer sniping them from the entrance instead. But your method will probably help out a lot if one’s equipment isn’t up to par.

Just ran by Fishguts as my latest Siren entered TVHM.
10 Homing Pandemics (8 backpack, two picked up from nearby bullymong piles) tossed over the wall cleared Fishguts without firing a shot.

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