Fishing For Kills With Ghalt | A Ghalt Build Guide

When Ghalt joins the battle you better beware. This badass is packing a wide variety of tools. Whether it’s snagging you in a trap or hooking you just to say hi again, Ghalt has ways to catch you. But how do you play Ghalt? Let’s find out.
If you’re having trouble figuring out why I chose something, need a few extra tips, or just wanna see him in action check out the video guide here
Ghalt’s primary weapon is the UPR M8-R Revolver Shotgun, an insanely powerful shotgun. The closer you are, the harder it hits. Combine with that his hook, a tool for bringing you back in for a face to face encounter, and the Scraptrap, a trap that stuns you when stepped on and Ghalt can dish out some insane firepower. His ultimate allows him to draw a second shotgun and double his damage.


  1. Stealth Scrap
  2. Shock Trap
  3. Barrier
  4. Efficient Extraction
  5. Hobbling Shot
  6. Drain Chain
  7. Scrapstack
  8. Quick and Dirty
  9. Easy Target
  10. Can’t Touch This


  1. Attack Speed
  2. Attack Damage
  3. Cooldown