Fishslap!I Missed Cartel

Missed the event. Looking for a fishslap. Not too picky.

I have 300/90 Stabber, ASE Snoshoe, Some Monarchs, Lightshows, Bangstick x18. Bunch of other stuff. Should be able to work something out. Thanks!

Do you happen to have a Elemental Projector Victory Rush with mag size sub stats? I have a fire fish slap with 150% grenade DMG asa

Looks like I have 2 EP VRs. Neither with Mag size, unfortunately. Anything else you looking for?

Give me your psn I’ll send it over just send me one over please my psn R4y2a1n

PSN beggarsall. Thanks!

Add me on PSN I can throw you a few your way : MLFGC

Thanks and have fun with the fish slap

Ok. Cool. Thanks!


Sent. No prob man. I been there :metal:

Yeh, I have a couple I can send if anyone else needs one.

PSN is Mr_Matt

Can you send one fish slap to me pls?
My ID is quasar_fan.
I have one with no anoints lvl 39. I did the cartel when I begin to play BL3.

I am looking for a fishslap if anyone can help me out please. Missed the event and working on my fl4k build

I still have a few stored away,add me and I’ll send them