Fist Over Matter bugged (only hits if you watch)

UPDATE/EDIT: After further testing I have deleted the original text in this thread and can conclude the following:

After extensive testing I have finally nailed down why Fist Over Matter sometimes doesn’t proc Samsara for me. The issue is entirely related to Fist Over Matter and is due to a bug causing Fist Over Matter not to deal any damage to your target unless you’re actively watching it.

I play on PC and don’t know if consoles are also affected by this.

I have made a short video that demonstrates this bug:


My primary Amara is a melee build, using Phaseslam as the action skill. I have no trouble getting multiple stacks per AS, often all five, and am virtually immortal for the duration Samsara is active assuming I have max stacks. Plus, the extra gun damage is nice too.

If it is bugged - which it sounds like by what you’ve described here - all I can say is that it works with Phaseslam and it works very well.

On paper I’d say it’s one of her best skills, but if it’s bugging out then that’s really unfortunate :frowning:

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If Phaseslam has a 35 second cooldown and stacks of Samsara only last 20 seconds, how do you keep 5 stacks up regularly? I assume the Phasezerker mod is required, but are you using the exploit to achieve this?

By hitting five enemies. I don’t know why this isn’t working for Phasegrasp and Phasecast, but with Phaseslam I’m getting one stack per enemy hit, as it should be. Worth noting that I’m using the base Phaseslam, not one of the later action skills in the Brawl tree.

I don’t use any exploits either.

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Not sure what’s going on for you but I haven’t had any issue getting multiple stacks per cast on damaging abilities. Haven’t used Phasegrasp much so I can’t really say for those. I will add that Downfall is probably the best for getting all 5 stacks, as the beam rapidly builds stacks off just one enemy.

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I have finally nailed down the bug which is demonstrated in the video in the original post that I edited.

Guys, he is talking about Fist Over Matter for the Fist Of The Element tree.

You want to phasegrasp the enemy (damage bonus from Dread) while also damaging the enemy (damage and heal bonus from Samsara).

This can only be done with Fist Over Matter (well and to a degree with Ties That Bind…).

So it’s nice you’re fine with your Brawler skills but they can’t be used for that kinda build : )

And you indeed have to actively watch the fists slamming for the whole duration (or until you have five Samsara stacks) which is (again) bugged or (again) bad design.


That probably also explains why Phaseslam often rewards only a single stack of Samsara when there’s more than one enemy around. Only the one in line of sight counts for a stack. The other ones beside and behind me don’t.

This is happening on xbox one too. Very annoying

What’s even worse is that sometimes even when you’re watching you won’t deal any damage with Fist Over Matter, happened to me in online multi-player more than once, pretty frustrating I hope it’ll be patched soon.

That happens to me as well. I believe when you play multiplayer, the host must watch the fist for it to work. Completely insane that they let this slip into release and still isn’t fixed.

Could be it, in any case it makes Samsara almost impossible to use properly :frowning:

Yeah, it’s so unreliable unfortunately. I actually did a respec yesterday out from my pure HP no shield build entirely because of Samsara only working half of the time which got me killed a lot. I tried the blue tree with Rush stacks instead, but then remembered that Remnant and Alacrity are both bugged as well and don’t work either, so I had to respec yet again. GG Gearbox.

The Ties that Bind dps/tank build still works.

Another bug (maybe?) is sometimes the fist will lift the target too high, and the slamming fists miss it entirely (and you can’t melee the target either).

I said this as well in the original text in this thread (which I deleted). I wasn’t entirely sure if that was the case (that it lifted them too high) or if it was simply a question of the host not looking at the fist. Were you playing alone when you noticed this happening, or were someone else hosting your game?

This does happen when playing solo, I’ve experienced it myself several times.

It seemed to happen to me most often with Tinks and also those small flying robots. Not sure if their size is the issue.