Fist time playing Thorn: UNSATISFIED with game play

First off, thanks for stopping by!
This isn’t actually a rant thread, so you can heave a sigh of relief!

Context, I’m playing on XBox One, so this may be a platform specific issue.

I played Thorn for the first time and I was underwhelmed with… the haptic feedback on her controls.
It was really unsatisfying knocking an arrow and feeling absolutely no tension in the string, no feedback on attacking, or really anything going on in the rumble department.

The main reason I noticed it is that I’ve played Phoebe enough to get all of her Lore completed and you absolutely nailed her haptic feedback.
She is so far the single most satisfying melee to ‘play’ as you poke and prod to victory with hand pleasing bucks and torques from the controller.

Pls buff Thorn ('s haptic feedback)?

So were you unsatisfied with the game play or just the feedback?

Oh you cheeky monkey!
I see what you did there :slight_smile:

Specifically controller feedback.
No issues with Thorn.
I played her for the first time on Hardcore Advanced for Lore completion, no issues with her kit or implementation, only haptic controller feedback.

UPDATE: I am an idiot. Just loaded the game, no feedback again. Checked settings. Vibration was turned off. Turned it back on and Immediately loaded Thorn, rumble was present!

Here I was thinking The controller was acting like an awful wet noodle after last night because of Thorn, but I did it to myself. I accept the blame to my own problem.

Carry on, gearbox. ;p

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