Five Tweaks I'd really like to see in the upcoming patch

  1. Let Zane deploy his action skills while sliding. He’s supposed to be sliding 90% of the bloody time, not letting him use his action skills then is ridiculous.
  2. Let Moze deploy her Auto bear without actually getting into Iron Bear. Just make getting into Iron Bear require a sustained button press and deploying Auto Bear just happens by releasing it before you’re all the way inside, it really should be very straightforward.
  3. Make Fl4k’s pet AI not suck. Even just a ‘sit’ command would make a world of difference. Seriously, if Warband can give you rudimentary troop controls, this game can.
  4. Let Amara switch elements by holding down her action skill button and hitting the swap weapons button. Having to go into your menu every time you want to switch elements is unbearably clunky.
  5. Make the Lob and Malak’s Bane not suck.



These are all reasonable and intelligent requests that would improve the quality of life and fun factor of this game tremendously.

That’s why it will never happen. :exploding_head:

I really like the first 4! As far as itemization changes, I think there are a TON of underperforming weapons that really needs looked at. The Hellfire is particularly sad to see fall from grace.


Number 5 I’d change from. Not suck to not exist lol.

Number 4 - Amara being able to swap elements on the fly - is a QoL improvement I’ve wanted from the moment I played the character.


#4 definitely.

Personally I’d like a dual setup that can be switched. Where you can create two skills profiles with the same char and can switch between them.

that way i can be greedy and have an elemental ttb Amara and a HulkSmashFace Amara without running two characters.

Additonal requests:

Menu screen fixes. Its poor on single player…its even worse on mp.
Ability to log out and change character in an mp game. I can do it if i quit and rejoin…so why not while im in the session. Put some rules

1-4 are great.
I would change 5 to filters for the vault. I would love to be able to just look at character X class mods or anointed gear.

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These are all great and NEEDED QoL improvements. Please GB consider implementing these into the game!

I also think that granade mods should be tweaked as well because they re under performing in general comparing to what granades were in BL2, especially damage wise. For example, Storm front used to be a really good granade mod on BL2…

Also, fix the Clones shooting behavior. Like, with it having infinite ammo, one would think giving it a fully automatic weapon would be good, but no… Even if it has a permanent target it keeps shooting in short bursts.

3 makes me laugh. I always feel like a bad pet owner with my dog off a leash. I’m exploring and he/she is down there attacking some mob that didn’t even care we were there.


Of course the for real need for this is trying to position while in fade away and our pet is following us attracting agro the whole way. I would love this tweak.

left out making the polybius not suck