Fix-a-Fetch Please

Please Gearbox somehow find a way to fix Fetch. Most of the time when I use the ability I have no idea where Aurox will end up taking the target. To my left? to my right? Behind me? It wastes valuable seconds of me beating their face in if I have to make almost a 360 degree turn to find the target I pulled towards me.

I want them to stop right in front of me, so I can do my thing.
Playing on PS4. It might be worth them stopping a few feet/inches from Shayne rather than right in front of her to avoid the enemy phasing into/behind her. Idk, but it’s a bit frustrating losing track of what you fetch.

Playing on the Xbone, I’ve found that fetch pulls the enemy to where you cast the ability. If you don’t move after you cast fetch the enemy will end up right in front of you.