Fix advanced mode level cap

Hey tyler,

I brought this up to. Got a really good suggestion in my thread from someone (will edit later and post name coz they deserve credit). What do you think of tieing it to character level? Command rank doesn’t=skill but character rank at least means youve learnt that character. Id say 9 or 10. Most mutations are unlocked by then

Edit: aimei66 was the player who came up with the suggestion of character rank

All I can think of is that they’re in a party with someone who does have access unlocked, and maybe they think they’re going to “power-level” like in the Borderlands games?

It’s pretty annoying because I’m currently lvl 57 and I have seen level 5-6 in almost every advanced lobby I’ve been in.

I have been through a few characters and at some point would like to max them all. Character level doesn’t mean you know anything either. I have a couple of characters maxed that I honestly suck with.

Silver in all story modes seems the best answer. The other two levels as everyone has pointed out is easy to cheese but silvers you will have to play each map and chances are multiple times at that.

Has to be silver solo. Which im all for.

If anything, they should be required to have the normal missions completed with at least a silver rating to be able to get into advance mission queu

silver makes sense because you could get this if you only solo all the story missions. there should not be a gold requirement because some levels just take luck to get a group that is competent. i think getting gold solo is a lot harder.

I’m Lv84 and have only played 3/8 of the missions, it’s not just the Lv10 and under.

This is an issue too. Obviously youve just pvped yeh? Your gear sets would be potentially subpar with ALL your gear coming from packs and no pickups. Granted you could get lucky with what, 16 packs so far? But Command rank doesnt give any stat boost. Atlesst character rank can with mutations.

15 PvE missions and 258 PvP, so yeah basically. PvE is awful in my opinion though, but I do have 10 legendarys, and pretty damn good gear in my opinion. Also have been able to get give or take 40 loot packs, if not more, although 10-15 of those have come through leveling

While I do agree this could be a problem, with the characters I primarily play I’ve noticed no problem and do not feel at any sort of disadvantage.

The thing is Rank isn’t actually a measure of skill, there are plenty of high Rank players that are horrendous at the game it’s a measure of how much time you put into the game. A low rank player can perform perfectly fine whether that is the norm is another thing entirely, but case in point making the correlation that Rank ALWAYS means the player will be bad is extremely poor practice and causes it’s own problem. Rank limitations aren’t a solution at all the solution is to have some sort of skill requirement based on past performances locking out Advanced so at the very least it keeps those who shouldn’t be playing Advanced out of Advanced regardless of how much time they’ve actually spent in the game to achieve a Rank and eliminate the Rank prejudice that you’re falling into.

Rank != skill
Low Ranks can be much better than high Ranks

How bout average score per minute and k/d in pve. Most people can mange 30 k/d ratio minimum and SPM is just to prove activity so you cant just tard out and spin in circles at the start of the map. Both statistics are good measures of aptitude atleast. Though I still think solo silver on 6/8 is a good measure

Kill/Death isn’t a valid indicator of one’s ability really and it puts support units at a disadvantage not to mention if you have somebody that is exceptionally good it effectively lowers the points for those that could still be competent enough to play Advanced Mode viably. I brought it up Let’s talk about troll players and proper reactionary measures Contribution/Death at a certain threshold seems the fairest way to do it to me. Tanks absorbing bullets, support characters healing and regenerating shields, and damage dealers dealing damage all being a factor instead of just fixating on one aspect, to have any of those things you’d have to be in an area capable of contributing and it doesn’t really favor one type of character over another, they’re all helpful though taking Damage is a bit skewed since a better idea would be to avoid damage, but still it is a way to measure how much fire you’re drawing away from the rest of the team for the bulky characters that have a harder time avoiding damage.

Yeah I’ve definitely had issues with advanced pve matchmaking as well. Most of the time we wipe because players go Leroy Jenkins. Most players also don’t use their mics. It’s ok if you don’t wanna talk but at least listen. One time on the voids edge I was trying to open the door right by warlord nix and needed one more player so asked someone to come over. No one came… ever… even after warlord nix was defeated and I’d asked 3 or 4 more times… Maybe they could implement a skill based matchmaking system for campaign so all the derps could get matched together and happily get slaughtered over and over. Or at least make sure only one derp per party so they could maybe learn from more experienced players. This might not work either tho, it’s a difficult situation…

Most of the defend matches end in a quick slaughter. Experiment/sabotuer have been the worst so far. Usually defend point is destroyed within 1-2 waves. I’ve done better in small groups or solo. Best times have been when 2 quit at character select screen and we run it with 3. There are not as many enemies and easier to communicate because those that don’t quit after others do are usually the ones who know what to do and know its better with 3 players.

silver on all missions command rank 20 have one character mastered ok that last one might be a bit extreme

This would be helpful, but honestly, Advanced is just way too overtuned. The “more enemy spawns” with more players results in so many failures, specially in The Experiment. Spawning a ton of end-tier enemies that soon into the game, where your team might only be level 4 max.

After alani patch ive been able to get 4 golda and further through void edge than ever. I think they may have some number tweaking.

Could be coz I play alani though

When I see this happen is usually when I select a character that can carry the team.

I’ve run into that problem before. That one enemy that takes 13 damage per shot until you take its shield down and has over 1k shield. The only way to beat is have every focus on it at once. It’s a good thing they move slowly, that way your team can split up to take care of the lesser enemies and kill it last. If you try to solo it when you’re in a team of 5, you are absolutely going to lose.

Maybe not silver in every map but at least finish every map.

But advanced mode is so psycho. So many times I’ve played and we’ve lost because 1 or 2 players decide to play Rambo style.