Fix ally targeting PLEASE

As alani its dang near impossible to intentionally heal anyone whether it be ally minion or even myself because it just happens to heal whatever crosses my field of view instead of what I was directly trying to heal.

So many times I’ve been prevented from healing an ally or minion or myself because the game just won’t lete TARGET what I’m trying to heal.

Can we get some way to make sure we can heal what we are TRYING to, please?

There’s nothing to fix here, IMO.

Yeah, it’s challenging, but I’m ok with that. When you pull off a clutch heal in the middle of mass chaos, it feels so awesome.

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Maybe a button to auto target the closest ally and press it again to target the next closest.

When ever I want to heal myself as Alani I have to aim at the sky real quick to make sure I don’t waste my life saving heal on a minion lol.

There’s no tab targeting to attack the closest enemy. Why should healing an ally be different?


No its not “challenging”, that implies its a matter of player skill when the real problem is its sheer luck if your target is changed or not due to a wide variety of situations whether someone run across the screen, ally runs out of range, or you are suddenly knocked around.

I think for heals it should be “click once to choose a target” then they stay locked on for heals.

Luck has always been a determining factor.

Auto targeting heals would be extremely overpowered in PVP.

If damage has to aim manually, so does support.

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Yes, I think it is a matter of skill, situational awareness, and teamwork. If someone runs in front of you and blocks your ultimate from landing where it should, that’s poor teamwork or lack of situational awareness. This is no different, IMO. If a wounded teammate doesn’t know where their support is and runs away from them, that is their fault (or the supports for being out of position to help).


Except its not just teammates. A minion or enemy could run across the screen and prevent the heal or hit you which knocks the ally out of your line of sight which also prevents the heal.

So no its not a matter of skill, it really is largely luck whether or not something is going to prevent your heal at the last second.

And knowing where those minions/enemies are is situational awareness. If an enemy dashes me as I’m trying to heal someone, that isn’t bad luck. The enemy made a great play and I screwed up by not knowing they were there.

And for the record, Alani is my most-played character at just shy of 29 hours. This isn’t some sort of anti-support crusade.

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Agreed. It could be easier, but it isn’t, for good reason.

Displaying team health bars might be one thing, but auto targetting for heals would just make it too easy.

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As a console player, I both understand what you are asking for and dread how it would be executed over varying platforms.

I wouldn’t mind Alani needing to Channel her Wellspring, though.
It would essentially be a nerf on her Healing since you would have to hold the button and let the Osmosis stacks deplete over time instead of ‘fire and forget’, but it would allow you to let off the button if your intended target isn’t the one the game is healing.

I COULD see them making it like Reyna’s overshield, where there’s a lock-on before firing, but you still have to make the initial target and there’s a trade-off because it takes longer to activate. One potential issue there is that Reyna can’t self target (except solo PvE)