Fix and improve Multiloader, and give Benedict back some punch

I was messing around with Multiloader today–the Helix option that allows Benedict to charge a 2-rocket spiral shot. Here’s the problems with it, as I see it:

  • Holding primary fire is supposed to charge the 2-shot burst, but it only works properly in the most neutral of conditions, when no other rocket animation is active. If try charging in the middle of a reload, it usually won’t work. If you try to start the charge while firing a single rocket, it almost certainly won’t work. Sometimes, when the launcher is actually charging, the animation doesn’t play. Due to all this, getting consistent Multiloader shots is almost impossible.

  • The charged shot is supposed to consume multiple rockets, but it rarely works properly. Most charged shots improperly decrement one rocket from a full magazine, while two are decremented otherwise. When the magazine is at 1/5, a charged shot pointlessly fires a single a rocket. Sometimes, a fully-charged shot fires a single rocket for no apparent reason. Combined with all the reload glitches still in the game (such as the one that empties your entire magazine when cancelling a reload), plus server lag, the only somewhat-reliable way to use Multiloader is from a full rocket magazine, with very careful timing.

  • Multiloader completely screws up Benedict’s ability to fire rockets in a rapid sequence. Without Multiloader, Benedict’s fire rate naturally hits maximum by holding primary fire. With Multiloader, holding the fire button now initiates a charge, and rockets are fired releasing primary fire. Even when properly timing the tap-and-release action to get single rockets to fire–which is difficult, because a mis-timed tap will cause the launcher to fire nothing at all–Benedict’s fire rate is horribly crippled with Multiloader enabled.

In short, Multiloader is a bug-ridden, useless mess.

Here’s what I would like to see Multiloader become:

  • Multiloader: Benedict’s rocket launcher automatically charges a 2-rocket shot when fully loaded.

As per the description, Multiloader would automatically begin its charging animation whenever the magazine is at 5. If the charge completes, the launcher fires two rockets, and the magazine decrements to 3. If the charge is incomplete, the rocket fires a single rocket normally, and the magazine is decremented to 4.

I see this change as similar to the one made to ISIC’s after open beta. Granted, ISIC’s old charge method was far more functional than Multiloader, but it proved that charge firing mechanics that involved switching between tapping and holding a button didn’t really work all that well in Battleborn’s shooter environment. What’s good for Mega Man isn’t good for everyone else.

I do like the concept of Multiloader, of shifting the cadence of Benedict’s damage output, to put more of his burst damage in the front. If it was fixed, I think it would be a step to bringing some versatility and differing play styles back into the character, without enhancing or decreasing his usefullness. That’s what a Mutation should be doing, right?


All good ideas. @Jythri and etc


My god this would make multi loader better I chose it once in incursion and apologized to my team for crippling myself so bad


I keep thinking about selectingit but I’m too afraid I won’t be able to kill any enemy after and lose for my team or solo. I should probably try in a private match with bots.

I got myself some issues with Multiloader since it doesn’t actually fire at charging button release, just immediately after charging to maximum. This means that rocket gets fired wheter the time is right or not. And this is crippling since not only I have to predict targets’ and slow moving rockets’ collision trajectory, but also has to charge at the right time - it’s simply impossioble to hit nonstationary target that way. Heck, there’s even no charging indicator so one may not know that shot is even charging during some more noisy situations.

Also “charging buffer” seems to cripple normal fire mode (tap fire button to shoot single rocket) since wthether I tap or charge the dealy after the rocket is fired/ time between shots is pretty much horrible long. Again impossible to hit something with that unless using Hawkeye - which is crippled by slow fire rate just btw.

Also I don’t find ammo comsumption 1 for 2 rockets burst bad/bug - sice my fire rate is crippled I’d expect at least less ammo consumption but I’d tolerate normal ammo consumption if all the above would be fixed.

And that’s why I always get really rally pissed when [accidentally] choose this mutation since it’s pretty much game over for my rocket griffin.

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I think Benedict should have a higher damage per round. He IS firing rockets. I think that needs a bit of a buff.

He will get a dmg buff but wont be able to crit.

I heard that. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Not a fair trade off, IMO.

Unless you are alani lvl1 and 3 rockets kill you

If that happens a lot, maybe the Alani player could stick to cover.

Well alani is a front/middle line healer and benedict is awesome flanking. I can fly behind and over her land a hawck eye and aim up to auto crit.

I work great with Alani as a back line healer. If Alani is getting picked off, it’s up to the rest of the team to help her out. She’s not a tank, she not supposed to be taking damage.

She performs best in midfrontline, where she can still hit reliably and heal the front liners and affect minion waves. He can fly and his rockets home in. One shot and the rest can kill you without even aiming. It doesn’t matter what happens, your team can’t defend you unless they stun the Benedict (difficult if played right) or you get unHawkeyed by Pirate Queen Reyna (which can’t happen at level 1 when she’s perhaps the slowest leveler in the game)

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How do you get stacks? Everyone will kill minions and if you are that back you wont find anyone to hit or your water ballons wont land.

And what are you saying? Rath/melka/boldur should jump infront of those rockets? Benedict is perfect counter of alani… He can bypass all his team members, hawck eye right behind her and fire rockets to her face and fly away.

Most characters have a “perfect counter” in the game. It’s the luck of the draw.
Maybe I’m just really good with Alani, but I don’t have to be in front of my team to heal them. I sit in the back, shoot off torrent, throw out riptide often, and use osmosis when people’s health gets low.
Like I said, every character seems to have a chine character. If you just luck out that your nemesis is on the other team, tip your cap and do your best. I was paying Orendi vs. a Pendles who I think I went 6-0 against. It just happens.

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I disagree. This isn’t like the game that shall not be named. Every character has a chance against anyone. Yes some do better against whoever, but a decent player can manage. Especially with coordination and common sense