FIX echelon already!

So Echelon makes certain gfx cards go bonkers.
Now the problem is that all i get to play is that damn Overgrowth map! Hunting the lore for my heroes(Kleese, attikus etc) has become more of a chore than a goal, so far over 3 days hunting for a team that’s willing to play Echelon! Just today i’ve wasted more than 12h+.
Random/Rotation of maps as an option in pvp would make it much better hunting these damn lore objects. Also would like to be able to pick specific maps in co-op pve.

It’s not just because of the annoying FPS issues. Echeleon is a BAD map in general with very few chars being good.

@Jythri already said in a recent interview they are addressing this in the next patch which should be coming within a month if I understood it right. It’s in certification with sony and microsoft.

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Echelon is bad map?
You know the Exploit with the Sniper on Overgrowth?

If you play PvP in this day’s on overgrowth, you must exploit first keeper, or stop the enemy from exploiting the first keeper. THis has NOTHING to do with moba, its just annoying and need Fast fix.

Like @derch say we need to wait for Microsoft and sony, and if all patches comes so slow .
This game will die, and im sad.
If Gamebreaking bug is aviable and def’s know that, why they dont fix this instantly?

They offer us the fix with a BIG patch, and for this patch we must wait for all 3 Plattforms.
But every Pc User know, if they want to fix only this bug, it can be done in 1 day for Pc Plattform.

After this first patch Randy V said they will be doing weekly hotfixes and monthly patches.

We have already had multiple fixes as well. They are working fast.

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I have managed to play echelon a total of 2 times, never had any issues with it being “boring”

Im tired of the bug aswell… after doing overgrowth like 30 times today i’ve started abandoning the team every time they choose the map. My friends refuse to play incursion anymore… not because i abandon them but rather because of the bug and that people love exploiting the crap out of it.

The issue isn’t because it’s boring. Echelon has a terrible layout that loans itself to range characters since everything is in a straight line. It’s a hallway.

The alternate paths that you do have lead nowhere and are pockets within your own base, it’s pointless.
Most melee characters and large characters get ■■■■■■ entirely on this map because of how claustrophobic it is, you get caught on everything and to top it all off…Shard economy is garbage.

So gear is hard to activate too…it’s slow, stale and poorly designed. It’s not just boring it’s bad game design.