Fix for Broken Location Achievements

Are we getting a fix this patch for the broken location achievements? This game is pretty terrible and I’d rather not plan out a day of listening to podcasts just to hope it doesn’t crash and reset the progress/break and need yet another playthrough.

I just want this garbage done and off my list. Functioning achievements are not only easy to do, they’ve been easy for many, many years. I expect better.

I don’t mean to infer that they’re not broken, because that’s a possibility, but we’re they working and broken recently?

I remember my frustration as I took the time to “un-grey” every zone through my first play through and the achievements not popping. It turned out there are some specific locations that I hadn’t got far enough into the zone marker while still uncovering all of the map.

No they are broken and have been since the game released

I have the achievement for discovering all named locations in the game

I do not have the achievement for all named locations on Prometha and Eden-6

So then how did I discover all the named locations?

I keep asking myself whether some people are reading the forum incorrectly or searching the forum, whether certain things have been searched for. There are already a few threads on exactly this topic, in which it was also mentioned what the current situation is. You shouldn’t misunderstand me, I’m affected by the problem myself, but it doesn’t help anyone if you keep asking about it. You just have to wait to see what the future holds.

Here is a thread.

@Rumplebunny mentioned that they had a ton of achievements unlock for then on Steam when they booted up the game following today’s update. Hopefully they can comment on whether that included location ones or not. PS4 may still end up being different though?

Definitely didn’t pop for me on PS4.

Steam had achievements pop but not location ones (at least for me). I had gotten all the planet locations before today but the all named locations seems to still not wanna pop. :’(

Edit: My Steam 223/223 Amara didn’t unlock the achievement but my Epic save Zane 223/223 did (I moved all my Epic Saves to steam at one point. Amara was a new character I just made at the beginning of May on Steam though.)

OK - guess the locations is something else. :frowning:

For real.

I have 223/223 on two different characters but still don’t have the Eden-6 achievement nor the one for having ALL locations. Hell I only got the Pandora and Promethea achievements after revisiting those areas for a third effing time on my second character.

This sh*t needs to be fixed ASAP.

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Among the Steam achievements that popped up as completed today (15 of 'em!) included several location based ones: A Hundred Names For Sand (Pandora), City Slicker (Promethea), Exoarchaeolo (Nekrotafeyo), Master of All You Survey (all locations in game).

The Bolt-Ons one unlocked too (buying cosmetics from Earl). I dunno if it makes a difference or not, but I had “pre-completed” the requirements for most if not all of these while playing on Epic, and they didn’t trigger as complete when I transferred my savs and profile over to Steam (was a known issue at the time.)

Now that I think of it, there’s still that persistent location bug in the game where you keep re-discovering locations over and over (and get XP awards for it) that was introduced a few patches ago. Maybe I was able to get those achievements knocked out because of my earlier Epic playthroughs where all the places were unlocked before that bug came into the picture.


Still not fixed. I tried my first VH who had been everywhere and the achievement didn’t pop.

I next tried another VH who had a couple of locations to visit, 1 in the splinter lands and 1 on one of the Nekrotofayo maps. Visited those areas and it still didn’t pop.

I’ve opened up all 4 VH’s now without the achievement popping in Steam.

Anyone know if this issue has been fixed for consoles yet?

This is the most recent post discussing this issue I could find.

Nothing in any of the last couple of update notes about this. Earliest we’d see another update would be Thursday next week - keep an eye on the BL3 News section for announcements there.


Just thought id bump this
Gone to every location on pandora several times, no steam achievements :frowning:

There was a fix for this released about a month back, and a lot of folks had the planet location achievements pop when they restarted their game. It wasn’t a complete fix, as it looks like the “Master of all” trophy is still not triggering on PS4; I’m not aware of that being a problem on other platforms though?

If you don’t have the Pandora one (Names for Sand iirc) you may want to check against the interactive maps (pinned in the top of this section) for exact locations - a couple of them are very easy to miss, and simply having the map filled in does not guarantee that you found all locations.

Oh, No I’ve done the arduous task of going to every location and individually checklisted everything and still no bueno unfortunately

It’s not broken on Eden 6 I forget where there’s a water fall that has a small alcove once I step into it I got my trophy so check all the water falls if that helps any .

Edit I’m on a ps4 had no problems .

Update: Revisited every location again and it popped no idea why it didnt the first time

I managed to get my platinum trophy about a month after release without any major issues I did hear later that there is a location bug, I guess I was lucky that it didn’t happen for me.