Fix Ghalt's ultimate

As the title suggests. I know there are some other characters out there right now, like Galilea, who are in need of some work, but like Toby’s, his ultimate is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

I’m not saying he’s a weak character right now, in fact I love playing with him and usually do pretty well. However his ultimate is currently so lackluster due to the fact that none of the shotgun upgrades apply to it. He’s already gotten nerfed and I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard of a fix to implement, giving players something to look forward to at level 5.

It gets an unspoken buff. His range is insane - like assault rifle with virtually no recoil. When ulting I mean. I think they should meet in the middle - nerf the range" his ult, but maybe apply his passive to every shot and slightly decrease the time between shots so that he can get more than .7 every second since it only lasts ten?

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Sounds more than reasonable. All I really want is for pellet party and slow from tac shells to apply to his ultimate.

Never really use his ulti for this reason, so don’t know if it benefits from the helix upgrade which let’s you fire off both barrels simultaneously.

It does not. On that note, does pellet party increase damage? I’ve been wondering that, it says more pellets but only says increase spread.
No. I would love to be the galt with double barrel ulty, but I can already melt Rath in 5 hits with it when he’s stupid enough to dive me. Double barrel would slaughter. I can 1v1 Montana usually, due to his easy you hit crit spot, double barrel melts him. Adding that to no reload time would be… Ugh, so fun yet op :slight_smile:

You might be right about the double barrel, no reload would be pretty brutal, but the other upgrades would be nice to keep.

And yeah pellet party does both, increasing the spread and the number of pellets (resulting in more damage). The downside is that to really get the bonus you need to land all the pellets, which is easy with Kleese or Montana, but impossible against say Marquis or Thorn unless you’re at point blank range

Well, theoretically if you land what would be 50% you’re doing an extra 15% damage that means. Which is good enough for me!
Yeah, I agree it could use a small buff. Just applying his passive would be great, because it Does say doubling his damage. Since I lose double barrel, . That is very untrue.