Fix Killavolt's boss battle

  1. The mission has a big lead up on the boss having a good shield, but he’s immune to shock attacks. This makes no sense from a design perspective. There’s no practical way to counter a shield orientated boss you can’t use anti-shield weapons on. The expectation is that he’ll have a crazy shield (especially since he has an electricity theme) and not so good health because you’re told to shoot him in the 'nads once his shield is down. But his health is as good as his shield. There’s no personality in a boss that is universally tough. The fact that his crotch, which you never see, is a tertiary crit location is of no consequence.

  2. The arena is boring: It’s flat, there’s no cover and there’s no minions. The boss has AoE attacks and an automatic weapon with a wide spread making it basically impossible to dodge his attacks; his attacks are not strong, but because there’s lots of them and it only takes one nick to stall your shield regen’ it’s very difficult to keep your shield up and because there’s no way to get health back, that creates a problem. Plus if that wasn’t enough, once you get his shield down he starts using an AoE attack that affects the entire arena and kills you in one go if you don’t bunny hop. Attacks you cannot dodge are not fun: This is game design 101, how did this pass alpha, let alone beta?

  3. Because the boss has a massive shield and is immune to shock damage the man is a certifiable bullet sponge, but because there’s no minions and only a few crates i often run out of ammo before i can kill him: incidentally, my build is Moze’s BOTTOMLESS MAGS; and i’m still running out of ammo.

  4. There’s no pattern to his attacks. This is what bothers me the most and is the most offensive element of this fight from a game design perspective. There are zero cue’s to being able to initiate an attack or stun outside of the *random taunt and his *random charge attack (*random meaning you cannot trigger the boss into doing them, you have to wait until he feels like it, you can’t even time them). In most fights of this type, you taunt the boss into using their charge which will be tied to a trigger such as: Time since last attack, Distance from player, orientation to player, receiving damage (either of a particular kind or a certain amount), or avoiding X amount of special ability attacks. But there’s nothing. Sometimes he’ll taunt, charge and taunt one after another and you can smash out 75% of his shield very quickly, other times he just marches at you with his impenetrable shield for ages, chipping at your health until you die with no opportunity to second wind.

Potential solutions:

  1. The fight needs pacing. There are some arbitrary momentary pauses when the boss leaves the arena, but they’re too random. Sometimes he’ll only do it once, other times he’ll do it 5-6 times in quick succession. At the very least tie it to a function like when he takes 25% damage or a lot of damage very quickly. This way the player can have some expectation/control over how to regain some of their health/shield instead of it being a relentless barrage of unavoidable damage.

  2. There needs to be more opportunities to second wind. Given the nature of the fight being relentless shock damage and no health drops except once at the half way point or a rare, lucky bandit drop, not providing opportunities to second wind is just bad design. Maybe some of those ammo chests could be health chests. Or make it more apparent when Bandits will enter the arena.

  3. Just get rid of that AoE attack that hits the entire arena. That was a stupid idea. Tell who ever thought that was a good idea they’re a bad person and they should feel bad.

So far the only “tips” for him are: “Be +5 levels”, “tag team him in co-op to prevent him from reseting”, “hope that he bugs out” (I have seen video’s where players can strafe him and he doesn’t do any AoE attacks). But i don’t consider bug exploits or ignoring a mission until its XP irrelavent proper solutions.

Radiation damage actually gets a bonus against shields, I don’t know the exact numbers though.

Bandits occasionally do drop down, usually when he leaves for a short break in the fight. Granted that doesn’t always guarantee they’ll be there for second winds.

“Radiation doesn’t get a damage bonus against any health type on normal difficulty, however, and still has reduced potency against armored foes.”

Its main bonus just seems to be it’s capacity to spread its elemental damage in AoE on hordes, but since you’re dueling, you can’t exploit the AoE or sync-kill explosion.

i seen someone take him down with 2 iron bear phases.

Ah yes, it’s +50% effective against shields in TVHM.

My bad.