Fix Lag. Nerf Annointed militants!

I have been comparing the lag to Anthems, which was a highly anticipated game that lost its followers due to its lag.
Also, am not asking you to buff or need anything other than these darn ANNOITED MILITANTS!..
That is all…

In regards to lag. Multiplayer in this game is peer to peer. So the lag is a result of the connection you have with the game’s host. If its lagging in single player that is an entirely different issue. I’ve only really ran into unplayable lag when I connected to a friend’s game who turned out to be on a satellite internet connection which really sucks for gaming. However I do have some friends in the same country that I experience some lag with and others that live as far away as Austraila that have almost no latency at all. Anthem to my knowledge uses actual online servers since it was supposed to be like a Destiny Clone. In which case if much of the userbase is having lag issues then shame on the company if they aren’t working to fix it.

Also. Buff anointed militants. They aren’t even dangerous. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

Playing both online and offline the lag still exists… hosting or playing with a friend or P.U.G. the game still lags… I, myself, am plugged right in and it still exists…
As for Anthem, I am STILL an avid player and supporter, and the lag on there has seemed to disappeared. it has just came a little too late for them as most players have just given up on it.