Fix Map & Mini Map Please

Some feedback on playing this game for the first time. I play with a friend and the Map is terrible. There is no fixed location. My North maybe completely different than his North based on his current facing. That’s really annoying. Also, the mini map icons are wayyyy too big. I think if you would have a fixed map position with a compass, we wouldn’t need these arrows on the map to know which way we’re facing. This is the most annoying thing for new players tbh.

Also, sometimes when I’m clicking a location to fast travel, nothing happens. I have to click the heading in the list first. Another thing I don’t understand, when I hit the map button, why can’t I hit the map button again to exit the map? Doesn’t make sense to me. Some really weird design choices here. I shouldn’t have to hit 1 key to enter the map, and another key to exit.


You can turn of rotating map in the settings.

That only works on the mini map. I’ve never played a game with such bad map orientation like this. Big turn off for new players. No reason they can’t fix this. There’s nothing innovated or revolutionary about it, it’s just pour design.

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Oh… yah, map is terrible to navigate

I have to agree. Adding 3D mapping was a leap forward, but doing so with no clear way to recognize the different levels of overlapping maps when in default 2D overhead view is a major shortcoming that the lack of cardinal directions makes infinitely worse.

Opacity and additional colors for layers might help, or lines or patterns in place of the slate blue monochromatic maps?

Also, an option to zoom the minimap out further. At least when driving.