FIX MATCHMAKING ASAP! People are threatening to go to Overwatch!

During the incredible wait time between games EVERY single time there is that one or two people threatening to leave Battleborn to play OVERWATCH for good. This is only due to them having to wait a ridiculous wait time to get into a match. Has anyone else heard the constant screech of these guys and is it a valid point?

If they wonna quit the game just because they are impatient then so be it. These will be the same ppl that come in about everything else too. They will also find something to complain about with OW too.

People come into where I work all the time and threaten to go to the competitor. I always say “ok then go”. There is such a thing as firing your customers. If you want to go to overwatch even after gearbox has offered support and is working hard to get in compliance with the console requirements then go.

I haven’t heard folks complaining about this.

But you know that feeling when a team mate surrenders and no one goes for it and he doesn’t quit but just sits back at base? That’s what it feels like playing with complainy pants players.


While I agree that threatening to go play overwatch seems childish and kinda absurd to me, The long wait times and broken matchingmaking system are valid concerns that need to be adressed if we’re going to have any community left. And I know they keep saying they improved it, today I had a level 2 on my team and they had a level 60. They also had multiple 40’s and 30’s, while I was 28 and everyone else but the 2 was in the teens. Oviously we got stomped. I know these numbers aren’t everything but they definitely matter. Freaking level 2 against a 60, just comical at this point.

Threatening to go to Overwatch from Battleborn is like leaving Call of Duty to go play talos principle. At least come up with a believable scenario, like leaving to play Smite.
I do think the net code could do with a bit of refining though, i cant stand being put in a game where i have high lag. Havent needed to wait for a game for long though.

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