Fix matchmaking = Keep players playing

To any of you who are familiar with it, Guns of Icarus is a small indie game with a very low population (50-300 average population worldwide).

On a quiet night, there are only 20-30 people online, and some of them are AFK, yet you still manage to find a full match (minimum full match size is 16).

Why? Because you can just click on matchmaking and see what games are being played. Sometimes you just don’t feel like playing a particular game mode, but you can still just quickly see where all the people are, and join in if there’s a spot free. Guns of Icarus now also has co-op and PvP as separate matchmaking lists, and you can just click auto-join if your only concern is finding someone to play the game with.

This would not quite fix, but verily keep alive, our beloved Battleborn. Players get frustrated sitting in queues hoping for a join, but a lot of the time people would be willing to play something they don’t really like just to be part of an active mission.

It would stop so many people from just giving up, and allow the game to actually build some momentum of popularity.

Bonus points if you allow players to fill empty slots partway through a public match, or allow players to invite friends partway through private matches. Even if they just start at LVL 1 with 0 shards, it’s better than nothing. It’s a bit of a step to re-make the matchmaking system to include all the ongoing queues of your region and whatnot, but it will pay off when old players stop getting turned away, and new players feel inclined to stay. Over time the population will increase, the popularity will rise, and hopefully Gearbox will get the player base they designed the game for


They decided on some very rigid system that offers none of the flexibility of other games in this genre.

Hell, even their PvE doesn’t allow drop in or even a proper checkpoint system in place to prevent mission failures.

Everything is restrictive, not robust, each hindrance choking itself further.

I don’t know why they made such decisions for a game that always needs to be online, even the PvE content. In order to revamp their matchmaking system, they pretry much need to tear apart their whole game and rebuild it, which they don’t got the money for.

Which is why I played civ 5 after I soloed some operations.


Can’t see why you have a problem, i played for the first time in a while last night and found it to be better, and all games were really quick. Too many selections on offer = wait longer, and the players have asked for quicker games.


Maybe you played on the most popular hours or maybe you play on a different platform, or maybe you live on a different continent. These are some big variables that impact the matchmaking and the ability to quickly find a match.

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You are referring to a server list. The problem with that in application in this game (and others like it) is the leveling system. Ideally this means that all players start from level 1, meaning that all players need be present at the same time at the start of a match (and ideally stay throughout). This makes drop-in, drop-out gameplay less viable and makes matchmaking in general more taxing.

I do not think it would be impossible for such a system to work, but I suspect issues such as this are a big reason gbx opted for the kind of system that they did.

I personally agree with you, however, any kind of server list system>>>>matchmaking in any circumstance. In some games the ELO is managed by displaying to a player how difficult the server is likely to be before they join.

For example, in Starhawk if the ELO of players in a match were significantly higher than you, a skull would be shown on that server, effectively warning you (before joining) that you be in for a serious challenge if you did join.


If other players were allowed to join there would be major issues there as well.

If people could leave and join another match then it would lead to the problem that other games have, you have a bunch of games with uneven teams.
This also causes way more server load by trying to find a new player to fill that one space while also trying to find a new game to stick that player into that just quit.

No one quits if they’re winning so the newly joining player would join a losing battle which always pisses me off.

I absolutely hated this system when I first started playing BB, having come from games like Titanfall and Halo. I would rage and go to another game for 15 minutes while the match was finishing and my team was undoubtedly being stomped. I later came to these conclusions and I now actually prefer this method of match making.


Most matches in BB are horribly uneven already…


Thats because the game has a huge awfull learning curve, even veterans strugle when thet pick an unfamiliar hero.

And many many many players are happy trigers with their skills. Is hard to find a rath who can hold his skills…

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Personally i found it much better. Originally we had to go back to the main menu after a Bot Battle. Now it just carries on and replenishes if people drop out. So the turn around is way better. Not sure about the other game options as i only pop on now and then to mince some bots heads up. I kinda burned out…

Having joining in games is not reasonable for obvious reasons.

However he does bring up the valid point that…

Battleborn on PC needs a private match list so anyone can join “private” PvP matches (before they start) or PC Battleborn will die soon

As well on console this will help keep the longevity of the game when the population dies down by allowing for easier access to games and allowing players to balance matches better. I’m not saying this as a discussion point but as a fact, the devs already helped out the PC by removing regional match-making which is great, but it’s not enough. Sure solo/duo queues replacing quick match will help but still, there is already a lvl 19 and below queue and lvl 20+ queues which is splitting up the already small player-base along with pre-made stomping which could easily be replaced by having a lvl 19 and below private match option and players balancing the teams in private matches.

PS: Think about it this way, if 100 people were playing PvP then that means 5 matches could be going on at once with a private match list, while now people are struggling to find matches in queues when there are 400 players online and only vets with a lot of BB friends can and frequently do escape these problems in private matches which only makes it worse for the rest of the players.