Fix matchmaking

(Stomedy) #1

No matter what level I am, console i’m on, or game mode i’m playing I always have a huge possibility of pairing with a level 1 player but against someone twice as strong. For Example: I was playing “competitive” matchmaking and got paired with a level 8, 2 level 3/4’s, and a level 5 (I’m level 9 on PC), my first thoughts were that it started of fine. Then I get paired against a level 27, 25, another 27, 20 ish, and a level 5. I don’t think that’s equal skill level because they crushed us easily.


(FineNerds) #2

It balances itself out overtime. You just need to keep playing. It uses an ELO/MMR system like all other ranked games do. If you win games your ELO/MMR goes up. You lose, but have a good performance, it will probably not drop. If you lose and have a poor perfromance, your ELO/MMR will go down.

This is ofcourse an assumption on how it works, but they did say it was an ELO based matchmaking system.

([-10h GMT] PS4: Raven-Ghosthawk || Perma-brow Vulcan) #3

IMO, should do something like Command Ranking brackets, maybe by “exact level” or “every [x] levels”. My friend got matched in with totally fresh players [=1-3 CRs] against a team that was wholly double-digits, including a 53 and 54 (IIRC). To call it a fight would be a joke.

(reiniergroen) #4

u know command rank doesn’t make u a better player right?

(Dwarfurious) #5

I think its generally accepted that having more experience in something usually makes you more proficient and CR is SOMETIMES a reflection of that. Unless people grind it out in campaign/bot matches.

(Stomedy) #6

I guess but I just think it is unfair that newer players get placed against more experienced players or if experienced players get paired with newer players.

(Dominator3864) #7

i enjoy the variety. all i ask is that they separate premade teams from solo players. that is all i ask. grouping only good players, or only high command rank players ruins the experience for half the playerbase. the bad guys love skill based matchmaking, for the most part. then there are some that wish they could play against better players to improve. most good players think sbmm sounds great, and so did i. but then it gets introduced and you realize that you have to try as hard as you can every single game, and run a premade or you get smoked. then what was once your fun time to casually enjoy the game, then becomes a stressful sweat match every single game.