Fix mayhem 10 drop!

please make it When u play m10 , everything drop m10 loot , i tired of seeing m0 drop and they are absolute worthless . especially eista


Yeah, I farmed Eista and finally got the Skullmasher and Cocky Bastard to drop. Only to find out his loot doesn’t seem to be scaling to M10. :dizzy_face:

Real bummer since you can’t obtain those rifles any other way (since chests don’t scale either).

Working as intended. Just keep farming, pushing up those “time played” and “active player” metrics.


The best way to push up the time played and active player metrics would be to stop doing things that make dedicated players want to quit.

The fact that many loot sources in a looter shooter fail to drop properly scaled loot is pushing players away, it isn’t keeping them playing.

So yeah.

Fix. The. Drops.


For the fun of it I just ran through Athenas. First run with mayhem off. Cartel event on. From the drop pod to Traunt I got 4 legendaries. Cranked it up to Mayhem 8 and did the same run and got 9 legendaries total. That’s a 67% increase. That’s not what mayhem 8 is supposed to be.

Try doing this thing again outside of Loot the Universe event. You’ll be damn surprised I think.

I’d agree with you based on reports I’ve seen elsewhere. Something is really broken.

The biggest issue is the crowded dedicated loot pool. I’m planning a project to run through the full story mode and catalog every named enemy. I’m guessing there is enough to give each and every one their own assigned loot and have the max per enemy down to two max.

The loot pools are way too crowded.

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Yep I quit the day of the last hotfix after grinding for 6+ hours just to end frustrated. I have no problem with grinding, but I also have no problem quitting a game that is clearly not worth the effort. Unless you are a titanic content creator or streamer with legions of fans just mailing you the best stuff in the game it’s not worth wasting your time right now to try and get drops with such abysmal chances. I’m good. I’ll just do something that respects my time; thanks Gearbox for making the decision an easy one. Would like to see them sort this mess out before the cartel event ends so I can actually realistically effing farm up better versions of the new OP gear, but if not I’ll just check back in to get my monies worth with the dlc’s no skin off my back. I have plenty of games in the backlog to keep me more than happy/busy.


Tried M10 for the first time today to see for myself how the drops were. I used the Lootsplosion modifier, bought the Luck booster from Borderlands Science and hit a bunch of Promethea locations to take advantage of the Loot the Universe event. Out of 20-30 legendaries that dropped in that hour, 2 or 3 of them might (since I have no way of knowing for sure) be M10 gear. Yikes, Gearbox.


Lootsplosion items aren’t scaling with mayhem. Just like the chests and vendors. Worthless modifier at the moment.


Ok, gotcha. At least I can still sell the greens and whites for money, I guess.

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True, it’s still good for cash and erridium.

if the weapon is enble u to melt down NPC on MH10, that is MH10 weapon. generally, all of them have over xxk DPS + x multipler.

however lootsplosion isn’t useful on higher MH level, the good modifier should be boostin on Dps against NPC only. big head isn’t belong to this,as it have the same effect on playrs too, not just NPC. like Slayer, Big Kick Energy, is a good modifier, esp for siren

lootsplosion is a boost on the amount of drops ( chance on higher amount), it didn’t boost on quality. u got boost over 2200% from MH10, as an example, so 10% more is nothing, of course, seeing a burst of drops do give some high feeling, but what people need is the quality of the drops, not amount

PS: all MH weapon should have X mulitipler, if no, they are not belong to MH wepaon( or above MH3), but base mode only, like STVM.

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Actually big head mode combined with holy crit is a really good combo. Mayhem 8 is easy mode with those.

it is so hard to farm M10 weapon, i did’t see it at all since DLC2, but i do got some is on M8-9.

hellshock is not easy to get too, i just got 3 only( different version). currently is the higher one, ~4.5k X 2, ~7k Edmg, 3x %. this isn’t M10( i like to put it into MH7-8 LV ), but capable of MH10 NPC( not main boss, or some mini bosses or monster)

My M10 Expert Hellshock is 4606x2 with ASA 75% to BNB, as a rough guide a M10 weapon will have approx 2.5x the base dmg of a pre M2.0 weapon of the same type.

yes, if u notice all modifier, they do all fit certain charater to get greater benefit, so it depend on what character u is using.

however , generally,as i said, boost on DPS is the first class modifier in MH in condition, no similar boost on DPS modifier on NPC side , or it jsut trade off on the DPS boosting

I personally like the big head modifier.

Also makes Moxxi a little better proportioned to her giant breasts…

Just sayin


i think it should look like X 3 or 4, or DPS around 8-9k, Edmg over 1xk, if it’s a M10 version.

I have a Hellshock with over 5000x2 dmg (can’t remember the exact number). 4825x2 is what I see most of the time on M10.