Fix mayhem 10 drop!

yeah hopefully by time all dlc is out with max level, the loot drops will be balanced and more better then they currently are which make game more enjoyable for me as at moment game is in junk state of mind and not worth hassle and grinding makes it less fun as grinding on bl2 wasn’t bad but grinding on bl3 is nightmare at moment.

most of time, where it’s .

I notice when an anointment is on a weapon that boosts damage, the base damage tends to be lower and this one has the 75% addition. I will hit Gigamind up at M10 again for a bit and see what I can drop for a comparison.

Mag size must’ve been super small on that 5k one that’s usually what happens as the damage goes up

The one that I have on me right now is 4825x2 with ASE 100% dmg anoint. Not sure what the max damage is but I know that I’ve seen ones higher than the ones that I have that are 5067x2.

All of the Hellshocks that I have are 30 mag size.

Whats the item score?

634 for the one that I have on me.

Yeah mine is 624, it did drop at M10 looks like I got short changed, still wrecks though 2 mags to drop Giggleminds shield but I’ll sit on him a while and work for another. :grin:

That’s one of the gripes that I have with Mayhem 2.0. It doesn’t just drop items at the level you’re on. Often times you get items that are lower level.

I just popped back in to Sanctuary real quick to check my bank. The ones that I have that are 5067x2 are also 634.

I am hoping that Thursday brings us all some much needed cheer in the form of fixes.

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I sure hope so. If not, I don’t think that I can keep playing this game.

Argh forgot his loot pool is polluted nades snipers and relics, off to Athenas then…

I’ve been seeing them on Traunt.

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BTW, u guys are playin on NVHM or not actually.

just want to get a conclusion it’s an issue on NVHM only or both mode

I play on NVHM , I have not noticed any benefit from running TVHM.

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I play on NVHM also. Everything that I’ve seen says that if you’re playing Mayhem levels, NVHM and TVHM are the same.


After a sleep just trotting through Athenas on a Hellshock / Kaoson / Maggie M10 farm and up to the last big fight before Traunt all I have seen is shields.

8 legendary drops from badasses and Cartel and nothing but shields grrrrrr.

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That’s mostly what I’ve been getting from Traunt. It’s bad.

Well I’m sitting at the Traunt spawn, taking a little breather before a cycle of Save/Quit farming so let’s see what happens. :wink:

Oh yeah got 2 pistols to drop a flipping Gunerang and a Maggie but Maggie was in a chest LOL.

No Hellshock as yet but have landed a tasty full auto Kaoson in fire with ASE 125% so not all bad amongst the pile of shields.