Fix Request for Menu's abd UI on ultrawide views

I don’t suppose a fix can be made for Menu and UI elements getting extremely stretched and even rolling off of clickable work area for players running Ultra-Wide views, such as 7680x1440 and the like? I know it is a rare and unsupported resolution, but it would still be nice to not have menu and UI elements to still stay within a clickable area and reasonable size.

Things like the Map are way too Zoomed and parts become outside the monitor viewing area.
The Skills Tree, Guardian Menu, Event menu, Mayhem Mode are all way too zoomed in with 2/3s of there menu’s off the screen, with only the center 1/3rd even accessible.

It would be much appreciated if something was adjusted so it won’t be necessary to change resolutions, every time I need to spend a skill point on a recent level up, Guardian point or change mayhem level.

I’ll attempt to upload screenshots, but I hope y’all have a pretty flexible limit. Even with JPG format, the file sizes for the full pictures tend to rang from 6MBs to 12MBs and I need to upload at least 5, unless your system is automatically down scaling them.

Oh, hey, it is automatically down scaling. How nice.
Forgot to show how the map was messing up, so here is a pic of how the max zoom out won’t allow me to see the entire map, as well as problems accessing the left hand menu.

Oh, how nice, it keep the original resolution this time. Interesting how much data is saved when you are only processing 1 color for the mass majority of a picture.

My 0.02$


Resolution Scale is 100%
In other words, Default setting, never changed.
The issue is how the game automatically handles scaling for UI and menu elements when the resolution is changed.
By the way, this is Borderlands 3, not 2. There is no specific “UI Scale” in BL3 to adjust.
Most people agree that all caps means yelling. So stop yelling at me.

There was UI scale but its missing since last patch maybe due to a bug.

Well, what ever the case, this scaling problem has existed since I bought the game back in March of this year (2020). I never changed the UI scale threw out all that time, so I am pretty sure the problem has something to do with how the game auto-handles the UI and menu elements scaling for changing resolutions. For some reason it doesn’t work right when going 3 monitor ultra-wide settings. This problem has existed since BL2 and the forums back then had post with people requesting fixes for this problem, so it really isn’t an unknown issues. It is mostly an unattended to issue with, where the furthest they have shown a willingness to go of addressing it, by simply labeling the option to use the resolution I have as “UNSUPPORTED.”

After years of seeing the problem and finding out from others who have fixed it, that it takes a very small and easy to do, won’t take 5 minutes of code to fix it kind of problem, this seems to be a more malicious intentional refusal to fix it kind of thing. Which is a really bad choice to make, since it means way more time is getting spent trying to justify not fixing it, while rousing bad feelings around the subject, when the fix to it would take less time then a coffee break. Blatantly refusing to fix something cause of a personal distant for a small handful of people who have slightly larger monitor space cost way more then putting your personal disdain aside and actually fixing it. Cost more in time, in money, in company moral, in community and fan base moral, cost a loss in trust and faith.

All you have to do, is go in, take 5 to 15 minutes righting a couple of lines of code to fix the UI scaling issue, and be done with it.

What cost less? Fixing a small problem that is quick and easy to code, or spreading a personal disdain against users of larger then 16:9 resolution across multiple years and actual games? You have lost more productivity, money and trust doing the latter, so FIX IT ALREADY!

When you have a problem that comes up across years and multiple game titles, it is reasonable to question the actual intent of why a problem doesn’t get fixed, especially when it is extremely easy to fix. Eventually all the standard, reasonably sounding reasons fall away, due to the sheer length of time that has been available to address it. There will have been way too many opportunities to quickly write the code on the many slow days that have come and gone, that claiming you don’t have the time, money or order of priority to get to it, becomes no longer true, for you often times had those moments, a great deal many times already, to do it and still didn’t.

When that keeps happening, it becomes reasonable to wonder if there is actual malintent involved. Someone who has a simmering, hidden out of control jealousy, that knows they shouldn’t harbor that jealousy over someones else’s access to tools or abilities, knows not to voice their jealous hostility but will abuse reasonable sounding explanations to passively indulge their malicious. A Dev who hates people who have 3 monitor setups, because they can’t or won’t afford the expense for them self. It is like a construction worker who uses a hammer at work and hates a DIY hobbyist that uses a nail gun. A nail gun isn’t cheating, nor is the use of 3 monitors for gaming. It would make more sense for a game dev to buy their own 3 monitor gaming rig, just as it would make more sense for a construction worker to buy a nail gun, not harbor a secrete jealousy and refuse to fix something, then cover that refusal with reasonable sounding explanations on why the repair never gets done, for years on end and projects on end.

Here are some pictures from BL2, showing a hand full of menu’s and a load screen suffering from neglect. It is relevant to this thread in this section because it is evidence of systemic neglect.

This opening logo screen is supose to have the “Press any Key” text under it, but you can’t see it, since it is below the viewable area.

This 2nd pic is the only one looking right, because it shows how things are suppose to work when care is taken to code things to work.

This character select menu is chopped off on both top and bottom. You can’t even see the Max lvl characters, nor select the other 4 classes for creating a new character.

Network menu is chopped off, making it difficult to select and check network settings.

BL2 has been around for more then 7 years. Despite all that time, these menu’s never got fixed. All the usual reasonable explanations had a shelf life that ended within 3 years of BL2’s life. 4 years plus later, way too many opportunities to apply fixes that take less time then a coffee break have come and gone.
BL3’s shelf life for not addressing this is far shorter. If this had been gearboxes first game allowing resolutions far bigger then 16:9 aspect ratio’s, then 1.5 years worth of neglect would have been reasonable. BL2 was their actual first and has been around for more then 7 years. BL3 can only be afforded 6 months of reasonable explanations to be used, before it becomes neglect, which ended last month.
BL2 could have been afforded 3 years because of how close its creation is to when then videocard manufacturers and the like where making multi-screen gaming possible. A lot of the methods and coding for making it work where still be developed and standardized. BL3 would have been allowed 1.5 years, if it was gear boxes first, since a lot of the coding methods to make things work had been decently well developed, widely known and easy to code for. But given the fact that BL2 was their first and issues with it where brought up many times on the forums, the time frame for BL3 gets cut to 1/3rd, cause of being a known issue in a previous title.