Fix some aspects of the game, make it more fun

Hello everyone! First off, I want to say that I love all Borderlands games (though B2 is still far superior than 1 or 3 imo). Here are my two cents on how to make small changes that will improve the game. Feel free to add suggestions and comment if u agree or disagree with my ideas:

1)Eridium is useless on late game!! Give some use for it. For something that has been so important in the story it needs to have some purpose rather than just buying cosmetic and meh weapons with it!
My suggestion is to allow players to re-roll weapon annoinments or stats with it. Just like the mystic in Diablo 3. Maybe 1000 eridium per roll or something.

2)Remove World drops from Bosses and slightly increase their dedicated drops. I rather not have them drop anything than being disappointed everytime I see useless orange items on the floor. If I’m after a specific world drop I would have to go and kill random mobs in the world (makes sense, doesn’t it?) At the moment Agonizer 9000 is a perfect example of boss drops should be like.

3)Bosses should reset upon re-entering their arena or teleporting back to fast travel stations. Much more like Killavolt or Freddi do. For us console players, we spend more time on loading screens than playing the actual game. This is no fun at all!

4)A lot of legendaries are just useless…We all know which ones are, I will not name them here. Roll them back to epic quality. Legendaries should feel…welll…legendary. Also some epic weapons in DLC3 do feel legendary (Dakota, Peashooter, etc) maybe change the quality as well.

5)All Classes feel really strong at the moment, except FL4k. A lot of his talents are bugged and don’t function properly. Also his pet’s AI is very bad. Maybe look into depth on some of these issues and fix them (like st4kbot mod being reset when pet hits the same target, etc).

6)Random crashes and performance issues. I still get them

7)After you fix all this. Add True hunter vault mode for hardcore players that want a more challenging game!

I could go on with this list but I feel like these are the major issues at the moment that prevent the game to reach i ts full potential. Do you agree? What would you add? Hopefully some of these issues are addressed, I would love to see the game improve.

Thank you.

  1. I agree with Eridium being useless, it’s only ever good while leveling up to get gear from Earl to make it easier, though you still have to farm that Eridium really hard, so yeah, would be appreciated if we could get more use out of the thousands of Eridium we got on each character that is just sitting there, still get more…

  2. I also thought that removing world drops from bosses is a good idea at first but tbh, I don’t mind anymore as long as when we’re farming we could at least have a visual sign on the map that there is a dedicated drop, some people still farm different bosses for dedicated drops but sometimes also get lucky world drops, so it’s fine.

  3. Not using a console so can’t comment, on PC I personally don’t mind not having this option because it’s quick save/quit but on console I imagine this could be a problem.

  4. Borderlands 2 also had some worth it lesser quality items than Legendary that were good, so it’s nothing new. But I agree on the notion that Legendary should feel Legendary.

  5. Pets need a buff on FL4K for sure as well as Gamma Burst having an even higher damage multiplier. Also bugs like Headcount skill not working for Rakk Attacks and fix scaling for Rakk Attacks to not rely so much on splash damage because people don’t always run with splash weapons (splash anoints). But yeah, the point is FL4K needs work.
    On the other hand urad gamma burst fl4k can kill some bosses easier than Amara with the same (Elemental) weapon :stuck_out_tongue: (Notice that FL4K is the one that can kill, not the pet)
    Also that skill Who Rescued Who needs a buff, it barely heals the pet (Doesn’t scale from actual damage) and same barely heals you.

  6. Definitely a problem.

  7. Uhm… ya know… like… there is already a True Vault Hunter mode… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kinda get what you meant by a Tvhm like the progression in Bl2 that added new or different enemies
that changed the feel of your 2nd playthrough or Super badass time in Uvhm,I still think we’re heading in the right direction with how certain parts of the game are working now but definitely agree that there are issues that both you and xvampirex listed that need some attention

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I agree with you on finding a better use for Eridium and buffing some of the useless legendaries. There are a lot of fun weapons in the game that can’t be used because they overpower the latest DLC weapons and nerf everything else.

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I wish they would smooth out the guardian rank progression so it always takes the same amount of xp to gain a point. After level cap and gear upgrades it’s the only real avenue of progression and it feels so slow and unrewarding due to how low the bonuses increase after a point and how long it takes to get a single point.

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Thanks guys for your feedback and hopefully they listen to us <3

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In one of the earlier patches they changed the weighting. They changed it so least selected ones would come up more often. Do this day I don’t understand this irritating change. The fact that your not choosing it, mean you don’t want it. I don’t why GBX feels the need to force us to do things we don’t want.

I’m never going to select ‘More Vehicle Damage’, but that one comes up almost every time. The ones I would like to choose, never, never come up. Just another *****y decision by GBX shoved down our throats.

OP I agree strongly with all your points. The ones that stand out to me are 4 and 7. These two issues I feel are the serious issues really plaguing BL3. That and the Guardian Rank :slight_smile:

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Maybe scale car damage so they are doing damage and are not useless? Nerf Moze she is brutally OP making end game with her not fun at all, harder mayhem you can get builds like Zane clone build and then you are one tapping everything even on mayhem 10 this also means make end game better I also agree with overhauling eridium usage so there are many other ways of using it and give eridian fabricator chance to spawn legendary weapons even from boss pools. overhaul the legendaries so they feel like legendaries and not like just common weapons with good stats.