Fix Surrender Voting

There is absolutely nothing more annoying in the game than a single team mate deciding they want to quit and starting a vote to surrender when you are winning the match and no one on the team noticing or being too preoccupied fighting to vote so the match automatically ends in favor of surrender.

I have even had matches where the vote countdown showed 20-30 seconds remaining so I figured I had time to vote then the match ending suddenly in favor of surrender. I don’t know if this was a bug with the countdown or just a desyncing issue. Either way I was pissed off.

Right now to vote against surrender, you need to stop everything you are doing and press Esc to open the menu then select ‘Vote Against Surrender’ from the menu. The entire time you are vulnerable. An especially hard push can also leave you fighting for more than a minute straight so you are left with the option of leaving the front line to vote or risk dying to stop an automatic surrender.

Surrendering should be an affirmative action, not the default. If a player does not vote, it should automatically count that as a vote against surrendering. It should require a majority of the team voting to surrender for the match to end.

If the concern is seriously that 3 players will go AFK and sit out the match making 2 people unable to surrender, than that is a BS excuse. If 3 people are afk then the match will typically be over quickly anyway and if you really insist that this is the issue, then make it so people that are currently marked inactivite abstain from voting like everyone currently does.

1 or 2 people should not be able to ruin the match for the other 3-4 people by surrendering when no one else wants it.