Fix the heliophage

Ok the Rendain fight is just stupid. It spawns way to many enemies! ITS NOT A BALANCED FIGHT! This is just terrible seriously I cant even fight Rendain because he spawns to many people and so right as I try to fight him its just full health to dead before I can do damage this is just dumb.

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dont fight him in the middle. There’s a tunnel on one side you can use to manage the fight more effectively.

To be honest, on my first (and thus far only run) of The Heliophage, my team simply ignored the enemies and focused on burning down Rendain, consuming some lives while doing it. This was a few days after launch, when it was rare to have beaten The Saboteur (I think only 1-2% of people had beaten it), so I was placed in a random team with only two others since not many were queuing. I think it may have been easier with five since there are more opportunities to revive each other.

Pretty much, the amount of enemies that spawns is directly linked to the amount of players in the game, so to easily beat this mission, solo it. Or 2 man. It’s way easier than it sounds. Just use healing gear and abilities.

Solo or group? What character did you use? There may be strategies you can try to beat with that character, which could of possibly been one of the more difficult characters to beat it with.

Beat it solo with Boldur on normal and advanced, dying once due to adds (and like 5 times from being knocked off a platform during first run). Then a group with 2 OMs, S&A, Benedict, and me as Reyna beat it on normal. We had more trouble with the spawns from Warlord Nix than Rendain. Lured him to wintery platform. Couple people enaged him or upper ledge while others cleared platform of adds.

Didnt seem too bad to me i solo’d it with montana i just concentrated on burning down rendain while ignoring the add’s

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With 5 people the enemies would have melted you even faster. This game doesn’t scale well when there’s more than 3 or maybe 4 people in the game. Tons of enemies spawn, good for high score runs, bad for trying not to die in some cases, Heliophage included.

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My only problem is the constant knockback. My entire team died at least once because of getting knocked of the edge regardless what platform we were on. I’m good with a challenge but dying on a knockback just really ruins it for me.

I also had a lot of luck 1manning it. It can be very challenging in a pug of 5 players. Few tips would be to constantly move from the mobs and shoot from range. You can clear almost all of the mobs this way and then just melt rendain 1v1. Kite him as he is melee. Good luck.

The enemies aren’t even my biggest problem with the fight. My biggest problem is the fact that so many of the enemies have attacks that can throw you, and that since the fight takes place entirely on floating islands you get thrown off of the map constantly. I just played it solo as Rath and failed because I ran out of lives. I died TWICE to running out of health. The other 10+ times were because I was thrown off of the map. There’s nothing I can do about it either. I think I managed to save myself like one time with my lunging smash, but there’s literally nothing else at all that you can do.

I don’t get it man. I have not had trouble with this level solo or PUGin. I had one dude who kept dyin, but he was also just kind of doin his own thing where the rest of us were like
Snow island
Backs against the wall
Kill minions
Kill big chin
It’s worked everytim every time lol

Don’t stand in the middle. Put your back to a wall around the outside.

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It’s a bit hard to follow such simple instructions when the minions show up in every island in the last phase and swarm towards the team. And most of the islands have NO COVER WHATSOEVER. It’s a bit of a problem, everytime everytime.

Can I suggest using ISIC? I was able to solo quite easily due to ISICs ultimate being unlimited. Bosses health kinda melts pretty quick when you hold down both triggers. Just have to get use to the sluggish movement speed and watch for CC as its the only thing that deactivates your ult.

When you go advanced try it with 1 other person. If you think its too many adds now itll be a horror show with 5. I got gold on helio adv last night running ISIC and Kleese (unlikely duo lol)