Fix the Incursion last sentry cheese

This has bugged me since beta and I don’t see it brought up almost at all.

I will use Overgrowth for example. After you destroy the first sentry, if you push into your enemies area to their health station you can sit there at range and shoot the sentry down to 0 if you like without him even being able to fire a single shot your way…that just seems ridiculous. its like the first sentry matters because you need to be strategic and use minions, but the second one is just a pushover!

The map needs to be altered so that if you can shoot the sentry, he can shoot you as well.


That’s not a cheese… thats gameplay… If your team can’t group up and push them out that isn’t the maps problem.


It might not be cheese, but it doesn’t seem reasonable. The sentry hardly does any damage to players anyway, making it so they get a free pass is just dumb

Best thing to do for balance would be a shield like at meltdown base.
So the pushing team still has a spot to heal up but to shoot the swntry they need to go the same path like minions… on the other hand the defending team still has a second path to flank the enemy by walking through the shield.

Just look at other mobas… first tower or sentry got severall path where it can get attacked from, but the last one can allways only be attacked from a single path

Just put a wall in front of the opening. Make it so the Attackers need to come out on the ledge and into view for the Sentry to be able to attack it.

As to “Group up and push them out”, They have your Supply Station, a Healer and an open room while the Defenders need to push into a doorway single file or up the stairs on the other side also single file.

The Attackers have ALL the advantages once the first Sentry is dead, thats just plain wrong.
That room needs to change. Its killing any sense of tactics. You literally just kill first Sentry and then camp the Supply Station.
Even if you manage to push them out once, you need to make sure no one goes back in there ever, not even a single person because the Sentry sure as hell can’t defend itself.


I agree that the last sentry is terrible at defending itself. It should feel epic to defeat it but instead it just feels like a pushover.

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If you can’t hold the supply station right next to your spawn as opposed to the entire map distance for the enemy team, you probably got outplayed and deserve the loss. If you kill just 2 people, that makes it a 3v5 for the respawn timer + travel time.

wrong, because it is pretty much their spawn area now, health station, rocket turret, stinger turret, they probably have a support, god forbid a kleese who sets up shop in there. Its unbalanced. You have no way in unless you funnel through the door one by one, while they have all the visibility and area to move around in.

Because the maps were so well thought out?

If you get a good foothold in that station you basically control their access to the thrall camp, elite bot and turrets. At that point you don’t even need to worry about pushing minions. You can get all the sentry damage you need without them in a fraction of the time it took to get the first sentry down.

Yeah, it’s truth. If Kleese stay near the supply station and put all of his ruptur, the game is over. I don’t say it’s impossible to drive out opposite team but it’s very hard. Wall’s idea is a great idea. Just in face of the door, on the footbridge. With that, you have to leave the room and be overdrawn in order to shoot sentry. But it’s doesn’t fix “bunker” aspect…

You can cheese the first sentry also with range dps. This is why I don’t play that mode.

Oh Jesus, yes this is so annoying, and it is crazy easy to do after the first sentry kill. I don’t mind losing the area where the sentry, but that little healing hub is far too good a position. Another easily done tactic that diminishes the point of minions.

Once again, this, among many other issues, can be solved if the sentry can, and will, attack whoever attacks it, promptly and with extreme spider prejudice.

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So you mean… they spawn there?


[quote=“sfghost1, post:8, topic:1485538, full:true”]
wrong, because it is pretty much their spawn area now,[/quote]

Except that its not, since they don’t respawn there…

This is exactly the issue. The sentries in Incursion are generally a joke and largely incapable of defending themselves. The 2nd Sentry especially and I think that’s just poor design.

The Sentries should be a lot more deadly so that the focus of the game is more on pushing minions, especially when it comes to the 2nd Sentry. A lot of the changes to the Thralls and the Shepherds have pushed the game that way, made it much more important to push minions and that’s great. Some changes to the Sentries would help cement that. Right now it’s too easy to take down Sentries without minions, it’s way too easy to dive, and Sentries are just criminally incapable of taking care of themselves.

As a Marquis player, I’ll admit to being a little puzzled by how easily I can pick off the second Incursion sentry. I was under the impression that jacking up a sentry from where it or the enemy team can’t touch you was A Bad Thing™. Seems weird to give me more chances to do the thing I’m not supposed to do.

But all of the complaints here are accurate, once a team claims the Supply Station/Thumper platform, it’s over. I’ve watched entire matches be determined by the fate of the build nodes around the first sentry after it dies. If the advancing team can secure and hold the Thumper and Stinger turrets, they win.

The same thing happens on Echelon too, just to a slightly lesser degree. Incursion snowballing isn’t quite as bad as before, but it’s definitely still a thing.

That same logic can be used to defend marcheese headglitching, and everybody hated that. If your team can’t group up and push Marquise out of the sniper perch, that isn’t the map’s problem.

Making it easier for the sentry to hit you up there would be nice.

I think this is a problem with all the sentries in Incursion. Shouldn’t be possible to manipulate the AI to where it doesn’t shoot at you. Shouldn’t be possible to backdoor a sentry with no minions around and not take 1 hit of damage from the sentry, because you are in a spot/glitch where you can do damage to it, but it can’t do damage to you. Don’t think that is how Incursion was intended to play out.

I’m not disagreeing with that. The second sentry is so much easier to kill in Overgrowth than the first, because you can cheese it. If you have an Oscar Mike, he can just stand over the edge for a moment, drop his ult then safely poke at it until it dies. The final sentry in Echelon is safer and can actually fight back compared to Overgrowth.

Putting an obstacle on the balcony that forces enemies to expose themselves would fix the problem. I’d say also giving the sentry the same cannon as the first one would be a good idea to make him a threat, but also make it fire faster.