Fix the match browser of borderlands franchise, improve it the way I recommend please, and make it with more options and freedom.

All the borderlands franchise match browser system is a terrible design and layout especially on PC (personal computer), it makes the players don’t find games because every time you must change your character to only find matches that are the same level, it is very frustrating changing every time to check in the match browser to look for matches. It would be much better if the match browser was more likely the valve’s counter strike global offensive, and killing floor 2 server browsers, where literally all the matches are shown on the browser.
Make the borderlands match browser with options for the player set the filter by all levels: 1 to 72 – over power 1 to 8, difficulty, maps, region (North America, South America, East Europe, etc), Ping (Latency), “base game content only” or “all add-on dlc”, “show only not full matches (not full)”. Giving more freedom for the players find more easily games/matches with the facility by changing the filters as wanted, this is one of the reasons why people can’t find coop online matches (multiplayer).
If the current borderlands match browser continues this way it won’t last long, after a short time becomes harder to find online coop games because it hasn’t a filter option on it.

Rofl yes the “quick match” and “match browser” are horrible even compared to mobile server browsers, and was very hard to ever find good matches. They should definitely look into expanding that feature and making it more smooth.

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I agree

We also need a “activity tag” that people can apply to their sessions. Ex: main questing, side questing, boss farming, trading, arenas, raiding, “digistruct peak”, and a few more


right, why not? It depends of gearbox developer team.

Back to my idea of a community bounty board in the public shared space. If you’re looking for help, you go to the board and fill out a form to post a bounty. If you’re looking to help someone out, you go to the board and check the existing bounties. You can sort by type of bounty (raid, main quest, side quest, farming, etc.). You see where this is going. Even without a shared social space, having that board in the safespace (Sanctuary?) would make a good hookup to get likeminded vault hunters together.

YES it would be abused. “Must have DPUH, 100+ Voracidous solo clears minimum” kind of crap like you get with say Destiny 2’s matchmaking (which is external to the game itself, BECAUSE INCOMPETENCE). Anyhow. Matching up players somehow to COOP and experience that joy? I think it’s pretty important.

XBox has something like this with the “Looking for group” feature. Not sure if they’ve added something similar on PS4 or not? Anyway, if you’re in the relevant player community, you can respond and just drop in.

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I’ve never seen a “LFG” in PS4 unless a certain community that you belong to posts it, but that’s outside of the range, such as was said with Destiny. It’s a total separate app and just hard to use. It’s supposed to go through the app, into your invites, and you get a 50% that you actually see the invite, etc. so short answer, no we don’t (yet) and probably not for the foreseeable future.

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I like that Xbox has LFG built it, but I prefer the game to have good features built in. For a a bunch of reasons. The player experience is better that way. I’ve used the xbox LFG for Destiny raids, for example, and it’s a hit or miss experience. A lot more miss. 3 out of 4 times I don’t get a response from the poster. And when I post, I often don’t get as much response as I’d hope.

Perhaps xbox needs a way to integrate the LFG into games better. Such as hitting a button from the in game menu and going straight to LFG. Or better yet, browsing LFG posts straight in game. I realize that would mean a different thing for each console, but it might be worth it.

I think that part of the problem is how often people forget LFG is there. There might be someone who would respond to your LFG at that moment but they might not be remembering it exists at that moment and just do other things.

Another thing is perhaps the LFG concept could use an alternate approach. Such as saying, “I’m currently interested in doing the digistruct peak raid”. Then you go about your business. Then as other people tag themselves this way they all get notified. It’s sort of a subtle difference, but essentially it’s less about any one person being in control of that LFG post, and more about people announcing to a server that they are interested in doing something similar around the same timeframe.

I was trawling through some of the older info on the site, and there’s a relevant bit on the summary of the GuardianCon presentation which is relevant here:

So they are definitely some changes coming our way!

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