Fix the Player Dropout Problem Please

I searched and couldn’t find a topic about this so let’s begin.

I personally think a hit on people who drop out seems pretty fair, but I guess that’s… overkill :wink:

Anyway, joking aside, there needs to be a fix to dropout in both PvP and Campaign modes.

The obvious fix is to let people join mid-game / mid-match, the lack of this is getting annoying. I’m playing PvP, we make some crazy comeback and BOOM some jerk decides to just leave and we lose after making a major comeback. Even worse, start out the match and two people decide to just leave. And both these times they never actually disconnected, they just walked away from the remote.
Also LOVE it when I think I’m going to have a fun campaign because we have 5 people, but instead all but 1 drops out and you have to two man it.

First thing is that if a person stands still in PvP for more than a minute they should get booted, and second is that they should be replaced.
Next thing is that the game should never send out only 2 people on campaign mode, that’s so dumb I would rather wait for a full team, and finally that once again the game should actively attempt to fill the gap in campaign mode.

Surely I am not the only person getting tired of level one dropouts?

Lol, you must not of searched that hard. There are multiple of them.

I’m sure GBX will take measures to address this, but it won’t happen during the beta.

I searched for the keyword dropout and it showed me a bunch of stuff with 0 relation to my topic.
Plus I’m at work so couldn’t spend a TON of time searching lol.