Fix the sentry's mega-weapon!

Ever since the last update, the sentry in incursion has been firing some sort of weapon that leaves a very large ripple distortion field effect in its wake. It is hard to describe it, but the “air” is filled with a hazy mirage-like effect. This makes it nearly impossible to target the attackers because they can’t be seen through this haze. It seems to be particularly pronounced on the Monuments map. Am I the only one who is bothered by this? This may be an issue for split-screen only.


I personally like it, it adds a nice wrinkle that I am a fan of. However, split screen, in general, is terrible and needs to be fixed, so I am sure that split screen exacerbates the issue.


I love it. Makes the tower blast look a lot more fearsome, while also giving you time to dodge it.

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I really like it, personally.

Gives the battle a trippy / epic quality.

On split screen, it fills up most of the screen. It obscures the attackers so that I cannot target them. Once that starts happening, all I can do is shoot the little bots that come up to the sentry. I can’t do anything to the enemy Battleborn, because they are all effectively hidden by the mirage thingy.

I understand how it would be annoying in split screen, but I think the real problem is splitscreen, not the wavy effect, as that’s awesome

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