Fix Thorn's arrows so they auto knock and the arrow leaves the bow when you actually press the button

It’s outright painful to land any attacks unless the person is standing still or running in a straight line from you because of the time it takes for the arrow to actually even fire after you press the button, THEN you have to account for where the target is going to be and projectile speed. It’s ridiculous.

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I disagree. Thorn has a steep learnung curve, learning to lead targets while nocking arrock is part of that curve. If she could just auto spam arrows you may as well give her a crossbow.


Thorn is really powerful as she is. Learn the mechanics and practice (could have played another round and climb the curve instead of a whiny post) instead of asking for easy ways to feel like a natural born killer!

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Yes, they are hard to hit with, but they also do a lot of damage. Especially if you curse your target before hand.
ATM you need skill to play her, if you want near zero skill high damage play Orendi or Marcheese. Remove that skill and she would be OP as hell. I already happily out total damage most other players while only scoring a hit every 3rd shot (if im lucky).


Thorn is already a really powerful enough character as she is! She has HUUUGE damage potential and like Sebspace said especially if you curse beforehand and get her Lore legendary. I only ever use thorn ever. Over 150 hrs played on BB and only ever used thorn exclusively really (maybe the odd 1 or 2 games with others possibly). But if you made it that her arrows shot straight away then she would be massively OP and the skill needed to learn and master her mechanics would cease to exist which is wrong. Plus when you do learn to ‘lead’ your shots and almost predict where the enemy will be, its so rewarding when you kill someone. Trust me pal, give it some more time and keep playing with her and you will get it and it will be rewarding and worth it. I started with a lot of pve initially, for two reasons: one it helps with lore challenges to make faster and two it helps master her mechanics and aiming etc MASSIVELY.

Yeah, I think that would be a bad change. You wouldn’t be able to sprint immediately after firing (because it would be unfair to do that while knocking).

Thorn is godlike in skilled hands, but a lot more difficult to play than some might think. I’ve got respect for those that can play her well.

Sometimes, I think it’s best to say “this isn’t the right character for me” and move on for the time being.

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Orendi needs to do that both for her pillars and her main attacks (since the travel speed is slow). It’s part of the characters, really.