Fix what's wrong not the glitches

Gearbox stop fixing the useful glitches and fix what’s actually wrong in the game eg: fixed the ammo glitch so we can’t have infinite ammo but leave the 2 levels lower equipment drops ! Come on Gearbox if your going to fix things even it out and fix the drops too. Farmed knuckledragger for Hornet at op7 and I get after 2 hours 2xlvl 5 and 1xlvl 6 and no lvl 7, so if your in the mood to sort out stuff sort this out ! Nothing more annoying than farming for ages for the “rare for some of us” drops and it 2 level down.

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Why would you want infinite ammo when ammo drops based on your ammo pools?
Things like infinite ammo were an exploit. Items being underleveld is jsut terrible luck on your part, not the games fault.


Infinite ammo was very useful as you don’t have to keep reloading, and yes a drop that’s 2 levels below yours IS THE GAMES FAULT luck shouldn’t come into it apart from if your lucky enough to get the drop or put the time in to get it, not spend hours farming only to get a lower level one.

Dude, this is not the best place to talk about exploits and stuff.

That’s like blaming the game for giving you the wrong prefix or grip on an item that dropped.

That argument is as old as the game itself.

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Just making the point that Gearbox fix exploits they don’t like but not the things the players don’t like.

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I don’t like glitches. I’m glad they get fixed.

Please don’t assume to speak for anyone other than yourself.


Not complaining about prefixes or weapon attributes just the levels, what’s the point in farming if what you get is no use at your level and op5 equipment at op7 trying to get op8 is useless

I’m sure that if GBX fixed everything the players want fixed without paying attention to exploits, the game would be far too easy. The fact that you are able to get drops that are 2 levels lower than your character is purely bad luck and in no way the game’s fault. Infinite ammo is an exploit and was never intended to be in the game to begin with, so it is good that GBX fixed it.

To keep you farming! :smile:

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Yes but 2 hours of farming the same boss is very very boring when you keep getting what your after but lower levels. So if GBX fix exploits then why not fix this

I’m not assuming to speak for anyone other than myself, but I know of quite a few players who get annoyed and end up using exploits to get the gear they want due to the level miss match.
It’s simple if GBX don’t want people to use exploits then fix the bad stuff too.

Well, no-one cares what you (or they) do in your own games, but this isn’t (as was mentioned above) an appropriate place to discuss how or why you cheat.

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I raised this to highlight as level drop problem not as an exploit one, I am all for exploits being fixed totally just a piont that when GBX fix them why not fix thing like the level disparity.

Because that is a part of the game. It was intended to be a part, whereas exploits are not. Therefore, exploits get resolved.


How is equipment drops at lower levels apart of the game design ? When you farm bigger bosses the equipment is at your level so why have mini bosses drop lower level ? That’s just plain annoying

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I seem to recall that it’s intended for trading with other players.

It adds a greater challenge to the game. It requires that you play more in order to get that perfect piece of equipment that you desire.

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Glitches are a part of “what’s wrong” with the game. That’s pretty much the definition of the word “glitch”. I’m glad they were all fixed and the game is now closer to working as intended. You don’t need weapon merging, infinite ammo or the gate trick to play this game. At all. Those things were never meant to be a part of the game, so they fixed them. As they should. Also, Gearbox is constantly fixing other small problems and changing things based on player requests. They have done it many times in the past. Make a suggestion in a reasonable manner and if other people agree with you, they might actually listen to you.


It is entirely possible to use OP4, OP5 or OP6 equipment and still get to OP8 at DigiStruct Peak.

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Ok sorry Gearbox.
Dear Gearbox software would it be possible to remove the lower level than you drops of legendary equipment so that when we do get the legendary we are after it is at our present level

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