Fix your game or I stop playing

Very Disappointed with this update, everything they said they fixed is even worse, guardian perks are useless, can barely travel, and to top it off your new raid just crashes everytime so no point in plaything that plus I’m losing gear it just disappears. C’mon gearbox I expected better then this

I empathize with your disappointment. Lots of us do. It is really upsetting to get excited for bug fixes, and updates and then you just get let down. I get that there team is hard at work trying to catch up on all the issues but so far the effort just isn’t showing and that sucks. I know you don’t want to put the game down and neither to I but my suggestion would be to look for another game to take your focus. Right now Gearbox is trying way to hard to hold players intrest and I feel like that is causing them to rush patched and updates and now DLC. I whole heartedly expect Moxxi’s DLC to be a playable but problematic day of launch. It’s sad but based on this games bref history of post launch support those are my expectations.