[FIXED] Connection Problems on Ps4

But, just to make it clear do you share your account with him for other games ?

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I’m not buying another digital copy, as stated previously. @Freeland1200 as far as I can see LAN isn’t available on PS4 (there’s a LAN SERVER option in the social tab next to the mail tab on PC, but it isn’t listed on PS4)

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Nope, never shared my account/games with him.


The playstation of ur wife have a distance problem on the control ? I try to search any problem, because I have distance problem on my ps4

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Distance problem? they’re both hard-lined now. same issue

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Strangely enough there’s a slightly different issue floating around now with this thread. Where it doesn’t disconnect the player from PSN, but will crash the party, or at least disconnect the player.

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@freeland1200 Borderlands 3 does not support LAN. Tested it last night

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You are a gentleman and a scholar my friend thank you so much

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Great post!

Similar problem, my son switched my ps4 primary to his ps4.

Now, even switching back primary, and doing your steps above, I cannot join any game unless it is in a lobby where his ps4 is.

Strange, this worked fine yesterday and last night. Today? I cannot join any but his.


“Connection error
Your connection has times out. Please check your network.”

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I’m a little confused. Can you tell me how it started? are you license sharing?

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It’s Worked when I do all the things you told its work perfectly, I edit the post to [FIXED] and I try to pin ur comment

Hi, i restored the default settings on my ps4 and for now it doesen’t seems it worked. I still have the error where B3 tells me that i lost connection to the psn every 2 minutes therefore is still can’t play online

Odd, its worked for me, try to open the router ports

Thx it worked for my friend

Weird. Did you reallly boot in safe mode ?

Yes i did, and when the ps4 started itself up after the booting i logged in with my psn account and my wi fi. Then my ps4 didn’t let me create a party or play online any games i really don’t underatand why, and when after 10 mins of this i was online for real this time but when i tried to play B3 online i recieved the same erroe after 2 minutes. Nothing changed

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Thanks, man. Worked for my buddy as well!

How did you get it too work can you message me on reddit kratoshulk77 please

Did you ever get it too work I’m having a problem connecting with me and my friend we both gameshare

How do you "boot into safe-mod"e on PS4 console…???