[Fixed] Legendary gear pack bug?

Hi guys !

Just looted a legendary gear pack on the Conservator (The Void’s Edge last boss) and it’s not in my gear bank now. Don’t know if it’s intended/not activated or if it is a bug. I was solo playing with Oscar Mike, game : 20160414-a09a06ee-6aa5-4f62-abf8-8fb428a079d2 !

Keep up the good work !

EDIT : Now that I’m thinking of it, I didn’t get ANY of the gear pack I looted on this mission.

I think some of the loot is placed directly into your bank. So, you arent getting actual packs, just pieces of loot.

Let me check this out !

EDIT : You sir are right ! My bad, it was directly in the gear bank !

No problem. I dont know if it is supposed to be an actual pack or if the thing is bugged and auto unpacking, or if you are just looting a single piece of gear. Havent tracked it enough to tell yet.