Fixed: loot decreases after consecutive boss kills

I’ve noticed the loot starts decreasing when killing bosses repeatedly. It would start off with 2-5 legendaries each kill and decrease to mostly green guns after 5-10 kills.

If anyone with any influence in the game’s development/bug fixing reads this, It would be awesome to see the lootpotential stay the same without switching characters, as boss farming is most of the endgame content and just getting green guns doesn’t really make it worthwhile at uvhm+m3.

2-5 legendaries is because of a “substantially increases luck” artifact on tvhm and mayhem 3.

Shhhhh. I’ve been doing this to great effect and now they’re gonna “fix” it. I was hoping everyone would keep it secret.

It may just be confirmation bias, but I swear, if I reload my character every 5-6 Graveward kills, I never see a kill without legendaries.

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