(FIXED) Pre-load suspended on Steam

I can’t pre-load the game. It’s showing in Steam downloads page with “downloaded 0 bytes / 0 bytes” and “scheduled for 14:06”, but when it reaches that time it jumps forward a few minutes, rinse and repeat. I tried clicking “Download now”, “Play now”, removing its appmanifest file, and restarting a few times - nothing worked.

I’m in Poland, if that changes anything.

Try to pause the download, then go to Battleborn in your library, right click and select “Delete all local content” and check if that fixes the issue.

It did not work. I tried twice, with and without restarting Steam after deleting it.

Now it said “scheduled for 15:01”, and at 15:01 it jumped to 15:06. So, the behavior is the same.

It also jumps 5 minutes ahead if I click the Download now button. Looks like it’s delaying checking availability to every 5 minutes. But why would it be not available in my country? I played CTT just fine.

It’s rather strange. Maybe it’s a Steam issue or something is off in your download settings? In any case, I believe you shouldn’t worry too much about it: It’s only 6 Gigs so you can download it pretty fast tomorrow or the day after.

I wish that was the case, but I only have the opportunity to download it in the next 24 hours. After that I’ll travel back to capped internet…

I’m in the UK, I’ll try downloading it onto my partner’s pc, see how it goes.

Edit: well, it worked without a problem. Steam seems okay here. I don’t know what else to suggest.

I’m also out of ideas. My coworker downloaded it without a problem, yet on my PC it keeps delaying it. Country is not the cause then.

No success then? Damn it. I have the same problem over here in Sweden. “Pre-load suspended” and I have no idea why it won’t download. Same thing with the schedule for the pre-load, bumping 5 minutes forward instead of ACTUALLY downloading. We can’t be the only two people in the world not being able to pre-load. There must be a solution T_T

Well, you are not the only two, as I have the same problem x)
Though I cannot really add anything to the whole situation since I don’t have a clue as to why it doesn’t work…

EDIT: Now that I think of it, the download actually worked at first. But I had to pause it, and that’s when the ‘pre-load suspended’ appeared.

Would there be any milage in checking out what Steam might think?

What do you mean? Steam has no support. I tried going with “Gameplay or technical issue” when selecting Battleborn Open Beta, and the next screen was “We’re sorry to hear you are having trouble with this game. Here’s an information from the Store and Community that we hope will help you find a solution” - followed by list of topics on Battleborn discussions.

Steam literally has no support and relies on the community. I think Gearbox would have to contact them directly to get any official reply.

In other news, I tried setting the download server to somewhere other than Poland, and that didn’t work either.

Just a suggestion. Are there any steam forum posts related to this?

Edit: just checked, and you’re right, steam support don’t have much to say on the matter.

Alternatively, submit a support ticket here:


But if it’s steam issue, they may not be able to help much. Good luck.

There are multiple hits on Google: for GTA V, The Crew and other games. None for Battleborn, except my thread on Steam forums, which I started in parallel to this one.

These existing threads mostly suggest waiting a few hours, and it should fix itself. That kinda sucks, since it works for all my friends, but I guess I can try tomorrow.

I have hit a similar wall with the official release’s preload. My use case it the same: I’m trying to preload the game at home, copy it on external HDD, and transfer it onto main PC somewhere else.

I fixed it! The problem seems to lie with OS version (home is 32 bit, main is 64 bit).

You need to download steamcmd, which is a command line interface for Steam. Launch it and enter @sSteamCmdForcePlatformBitness = “64” (with spaces around = sign). Then you enter app_update 394230 (Battleborn’s ID on Steam) and it will download the game no matter what.