Fixed queue time for gearbox

since gearbox isnt doing anything i just came up with a fix for the problem…

change the whole pvp system do a counter strike mode where u can chose a server …this runs even with only 100 people and the matches balance themselfes since good players want a chalenge and go on server that is near there skill

its working for all battlefield and counter strike titels very well

also if u have ur server/matches u can play for houers with the same people which is more fun and u have 0 waiting between matches since its already a 10/10 people

game starts onlfy when its 8 or more people

(they can still wait around 2months i guess if the player base isnt rising thats at least something for the few people who want to play)

With your 100 person example, you’d have 10 servers full of 10 people each, and nobody else would be able to join those games until those matches end. It would be like seeing all servers either completely full or completely empty in counterstrike.

So, what do you do with additional players (#101#110)? Do you instantly put all ten of them in a new server? If you do that without considering their skill level, you cause unbalanced matches and people running to the forums to complain about it.

If you try to group players #101 through #110 by their skill, their skills level will probably not be the same for all 10 players. Let’s say you have a bell curve of 2 very good players, 6 decent players, and 2 newbies. If you separate them into those categories so that you can find other players of the same skill level to match them to, then they have to wait until more players join the matchmaking queue, or for the currently full games to finish. This results in the waiting that people are currently complaining about on the forums.

If you keep the existing teams together between matches, the players who were waiting might have to wait even longer. If you don’t keep existing teams together, then some of the people who were playing won’t get put into games right away and will have to start waiting again each time they finish a match.

In Battlefield, Counterstrike, TF2, etc., the server browser works because individual players can leave a match and a new player can fill in that spot. Games tend to be more than just 10 players, so being down one or two players on a team isn’t a dramatic disadvantage, and new people join pretty quickly. You tend to have almost-full servers most of the time, where a player can just jump right in.

Some of those games also have the ability to auto-balance teams if several players on the same team quit at once.

In Battleborn, you have in-match character levelling. Players who are lower level and fewer pieces of active gear have a dramatic disadvantage. In Counterstrike you have money to buy gear, but after a couple of quick rounds, things start to even back out because there’s a limit to the gear you can buy. In Battleborn, things don’t even out - when a player begins out-levelling you, their lead tends to compound itself because they can kill things faster and have more health than you. It only stops compounding when everyone reaches level 10 with all gear active. Usually, an unbalanced match will end before everyone gets to level 10.

Right now, the only way to join a match-in-progress in Battleborn is if you had disconnected earlier in that same match. Nobody else is currently allowed to take your spot.

If Battleborn was changed so that players could leave/join in the middle of a match, there are some questions to resolve:

  • What if the person who left the match got disconnected due to internet issues and wants to come back? Reserve that spot for them if their disconnect was unexpected, and allow someone to join if they quit gracefully (i.e. using the menu)?
  • What happens when one player of a pre-made group voluntarily quits a match, but wants to stay in the group for the next match?
  • When someone new joins, do they get to pick a new character, or do they inherit the character of whoever left?
  • Can someone leave and then immediately rejoin in order to pick a different character?
  • If someone new joins, do they start at level 1, with a huge disadvantage against everyone in the game already, or should they start at the average level of the other players on their team (rounded down to prevent exploits)?
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no spot reserving

no spot reserving

chose charakter by joining

rejoining u get ur old charakter with lvl and gear

average lvl by joining still no gear

matches should start by 8 players total o a max of around 14 which will balance out that 1 player wont be that important now

balance wont be perfect but it isnt now too it is never … server will stay only full if people r happy with the matches there so it will balance at an “ok” rate i guess