*FIXED* Quiet/muted audio problems with HDMI/speaker output

EDIT: My bad. Problem was resolved by changing HDMI output to Stereo Uncompressed in XB1 settings.

Whilst using a headset, straight into the Xbox chat adapter, and into the controller, I have no audio problems. However, with the following set up:

Xbox HDMI Out > Montior HDMI In > Monitor Audio out > PC Audio In > Speakers

Certain sounds can be hardly heard. So far, most common sounds are working fine (gun shooting, movement, NPCs talking over loudspeaker), however the following are nearly impossible to hear:

  • Car ‘boost’ sound
  • Close up NPC chat (can only be heard if I walk away and allow them to talk over loudspeaker)
  • Sounds that are behind me
  • Adding to the list as I find more issues

I haven’t had an issue with this audio setup with any other game. All audio settings in the game menu are at 10.